'kin Tellys

Am tempted to buy a new telly for the new house … but every bastard time I look at telly’s there’s yet another new technology trickling onto the market to confuse the bejesus out of me. Buy or wait, etc

So not content with having to work out whether or not I need 4k (do I? I stream mainly from netflix, and I’m not sure how much 4k content they have) there’s now this bloody HDR business.

BTW; I do understand what HDR is, it’s just whether this is this yers fad which gets left by the wayside, or is worth waiting til once / if they’ve nailed it, etc

Or should I just go into the shop and slap whatever looks bangin on to the plastic

Just do it.

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Don’t worry about the technology.

Decide what you want to spend now, then go and spend less than that on a TV which doesn’t look crap.

The tech is always going to change and I can guarantee you, you won’t fucking use half of it.

We had this issue a couple of years ago. Ended up getting the one we liked the look of (a big Panasonic one). They all have decent pictures these days. Ultra HD is good but no big deal imo, nice to have it though.

We watch fuck all on the actual telly anyway.
Occasional Iplayer and youtube guitar lessons and car stuff is all i use it for.

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You’ve been hooked then…

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This one,


Decide on a budget and then buy a 4k Samsung or LG within that.

Everything else is just bollocks

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You’re buying for the best 10-bit HDR. That’s what will wow your tits off. Unfortunately, to get the best implementation of HDR you’ll also have to buy a ton of features you’ll never use.

Twas ever thus. A few years ago the best panels had 3D. Alhough no sod wanted 3D you had to get it for the best panel tech.

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This. I like that the Samsungs just play any file from my server.

Definitely get 4k because it’s dead cheap - my Samsung 49" 6400 model was well under £400. That said, the step from SD to HD is much more important than from HD to 4k, and I watch this TV from close up.

Ebay have a sale right now, ending midnight. EDIT: ends 8pm, code PIGGYBANK gives 15% off anything.

If you want to spend more than £4-500, then you normally have to jump to over a grand to the OLEDs.

This is cheap:

That QLED 55" q6f is the one I bought in a sale about 2 months ago, don’t think there are any left now though as it’s been discontinued.

Is a bloody good TV though.

What is the most faffy tv on the market?

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There must be a projector that needs calibrating six times a day and will only accept BNC connectors.


Not quite a TV but very faffy and very limited range of viewing material at its best setting.

Also needs a decent sized space :wink:



A reel to reel TV. :heart_eyes:


Also excruciatingly expensive, so more or less perfect.


I saw a QLED in John Lewis earlier and was impressed. I’ve been fancying an OLED for ages so for me to be impressed by a QLED wasn’t a natural reaction (I.e. it really did impress me). It made me wonder if when the time comes I’d really need to spend over a grand on an OLED.

I’ve been holding off as I still really like my Panny plasma.

From what I know I’d want HDR. I am into AV though and do appreciate nuances 're the picture.

The new one on the wall below. Only seen a few minutes on it, but the change between regular and HD tv was not subtle.


We own a 20" cheapo CD/TV combi, in the kids lounge, and that’s your lot. Plenty good enough, for these shores.

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