'kin Tellys


VTA looks off blah Denon blah.


If you still think CRT is anywhere near the current standard, you’re a luddite.

There’s very little SD only material being broadcast unless you’re a Gems TV fan.


I’ll have you know, I listen to records with a MC and a MM cartridge. My fifteen year old car is equipped with fuel injection and anti lock brakes. I have no accounts on any social media platform and Windows 98 is the only operating system that I know how to operate.




This place is anti-social media :grinning:


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My second telly is dying. It’s an ancient Sony 40" 1080p and the picture is still pretty good, but I think the sound card is dying, lots of wind noise through the speakers starting to come through which is muffling dialogue to an annoying extent.

I want a 55" smart TV with built in Netflix and Amazon Prime. Basically the only external box I want is a PlayStation or bluray, plus a soundbar. I like Sony, but don’t mind Samsung and am willing to be convinced by LG.

No more than £700.

Spend my money for me chaps…



Or check these out



Sony refurb centre is a good place to look:



Got mine £100 cheaper, offer probably still around.


This lies in my near future.


Beware that you’re restricted to the Amazon app store, which isn’t very good e.g. no Google maps.


You can install Google Play on a Kindle Fire HD 8 - I have on mine. Doesn’t make it much less shit, though. You still have far too much Amazon awfulness, calling it HD should be against the Trades Descriptions Act or something, battery life is poor.

It has, however, been great for throwing at the kids on a long journey to play videos on to shut them the fuck up.


I’ve already google voice control, so it’s an extra.


Fortunately the near future keeps changing shape.


Still haven’t got round to buying one, but have got off my arse to go and look at some

Our viewing positions are not dead centre, and so nothing - nothing at all - competes with OLED.

Price is a bit steep for now though, so hoping Black Friday offers up some decent prices over here.

55 inches is more than Mrs Craig is expecting (fnar) so that might also be an issue, though I suppose once it’s up it’s up


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