Kiss-Me-Arse Dinner

Ordered the beef for our dinner yesterday. Only 2 ribs this year as there are only 2 of us. The cow (Brea) has been hanging for 15 days so far.
This will be accompanied by goose fat roasties, roasted carrots, brussies with bacon, and cheesy, creamed cauliflower.
Smoked ham joint also ordered for the New Year’s feast.

I’m sure there will be suitable wines for the feasting :smirk:

So, what’s your poison ?

On my own as usual so I’ll be going for this:


Going for the trad turkey thus year. Going overboard on everything to go with it, need a good gravy this time round so going the whole hog by starting with bones. Looking for something other than pigs in blankets and want a decent bread sauce, bread stuffing and meat stuffing. Recipe books are out already.


from the Colonel I presume.

No,going posh and getting it off the Butcher

Duck and beef rib from the butcher.

Probably chicken, with a small ham joint, as there’s just the four of us, and tbh I don’t really care that much for turkey. Going to be doing pigs in blankets, good gravy, roast potatoes and some assorted veg.

Not 100% decided yet. It’s not going to be turkey, we are thinking about a 900g tomahawk steak from Meatmaster Oxford I am hoping to cook on the BBQ

Maccie D and some rolos

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Turkey crown for Xmas day, and beef rib (3) for Boxing Day… :heart_eyes:

That should take about 2 minutes each side (depending on thickness) then 15 minutes resting.
Make sure you get all the accompaniments sorted before starting the cooking process.

Yep that’s the idea - The BBQ gets hotter than the griddle and defy adds some extra smoky flavour

Steak is always cooked on the BBQ at Expat Manor for all the above reasons :thumbsup:

Always Turkey here.

Read a good interview with Marcus Wareing in the paper yesterday, he cooks a simple dinner with Paxo and Birds Custard because he wants to be reminded of childhood.

We have my sister and her kids joining us for Christmas. I insist on the most traditional of Christmas dinners. Turkey, ham (traditional Irish smoked ham, none of that hideous gammon shite available in yer local Tesco/Asda/Waitrose etc) and spiced beef. All the trimmings are required, including bread sauce, bread stuffing and sausage stuffing. We don’t do Christmas Cake or Pudding as nobody likes them, so epic amounts of cheese and fruit and a massive Aussie style pavlova are served for dessert. I shall take myself off the wagon and expect to be a blithering wreck after two glasses of wine.


Turkey every year, no argument with her. Yorkshire pudding starters, roast and mashed potatoes,.

From the garden parsnips, cauliflower (if they grow enough), cabbage and sprouts.

New potatoes (growing in the greenhouse) with cold turkey, ham and pickles for tea.

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Fucking hipster :smiley: