Kitchen Music - Advice wanted

God help me I have asked for advice on this forum :scream:

I want to be able to play music in the Kitchen when I am doing stuff in there.
Being able to stream from apps would be useful, I already have other devices on Google Play (TV soundbar etc)

I am not looking for critical listening and I am not going to start running wires about the place or install a second system.

I started thinking about this when I get an email form Richers advertising this

I have no idea if this is any good or even if it is the sort of thing I need.

I have also bought an ex gym exercise bike which I am going to put in one of my sheds so something portable that i can take out there would be good.

For a change I am not looking for confirmation of a choice I have made, I have no clue what to get.

Budget £300.00 max

Do you have a mains supply in both locations and does your wireless extend to the shed?

Yes I have mains in both locations.
I will go and test wireless in the shed

Yes I have wireless in the shed.

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I had a Squeezebox radio thing a few years ago which would have been perfectly adequate had I not sold it.

The Citation speakers are pretty solid bits of kit- I have reviewed the Citation 300 and, looking back at the copy, it seems to have behaved itself. I reviewed the 500 HERE. They’re Google Cast/Assistant devices so they don’t work in the same way as your main streamer but you can cast Tidal from within the Tidal app and it’s fairly reliable.

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Second hand squeezebox radio


Couple of Sonos Ones ?


:+1: Yes, Sonos Ones as stereo pair do very well at what you want.

We’ve got er, several pairs dotted around.

You could either get wi-fi speakers or Bluetooth ones. If you’re just going to use it for very casual listening from your phone, I think I’d go Bluetooth.

Your can also get Bluetooth amplifiers - basically a Bluetooth receiver and class D amplifier in one tiny box - which you could pair with any used pair of speakers you fancy. That could raise the quality, if you so desired. You could even go Nobsound…

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What ? No RPi ?

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I reckon the Nobsound plus something like some old Rogers LS2a speakers would sound fine for scarcely over half the budget. Pair on eBay for £125.

Have similar at work, an smsl off John and some bookshelves. Sounds really good

These sound good and support DAB, internet radio and streaming for about £200

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I always say “Sonos”, so, Sonos.

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Thanks for the system escalation!

I have realised that I want a one box portable item that I can move from the shed to the kitchen :grinning:

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Duct tape is your friend


Or buy two systems, since it’s half your budget.

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Some of the Pure Evoke stuff might do the job.

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