Knives and Sharpening

Good to hear, Rob

Have you also purchased the extra stones and the leather jobbie for fine sharpening?

Think Rob was referring to the waiters friend Mark recommended.

Ah. Bugger.

Did you ever get yourself any, Paul?

Out of my price bracket I’m afraid.:pensive:

It’s only cos I’m turning 50 and was getting asked for expensive gift ideas.

If it wasn’t for that, I’d happily keep making a mess of my Macs on the whetstone

What’s the issue you are running into with the whetstones? I’ve been using them for a while now and am pretty happy with the end results.

Also which Macs have you got?

I can get them sharp but not shave your arm sharp

I’m using Mac Pro

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I use a pretty basic whetstone that I bought from a local Chinese supermarket, presumably what they are using in restaurants etc.

It’s nowt fancy, but it’s two sided, and with that and a honing rod I can get a pretty ruthless edge on most things.


I mean… we can try

Edit: that’s definitely a Honing “rod” of some kind

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Do you have the large version too?


Pete’s special reserve is an eye watering collection. The envy of many.


Getting things mad sharp for actual kitchen use is usually a waste of time - the edge gets too fine and wears down or breaks away (at a very small scale level here, not talking visible chips), far too quickly, so you end up spending all your time sharpening. I top out at about a 3000 grit with my knives, which is absolutely plenty and still leaves decent edge retention.


Was doing this just yesterday though I can never not do a couple of reps at 6000 grit .

I did slip for the first time

I didn’t know a dildo could cause that kinda damage

Agreed, I don’t feel a need to be able to cut paper in mid air, as long as it can go through a tomato without me having to press down!

You. Must try harder

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This forum is full of perfectionist obsessives for whom adequacy is pejorative :grinning:
(They all had dreadful childhoods)


I suspect the paper cutting is easier than cutting a tomato under just the weight of the knife (or do you mean slicing back and forwards with no downward pressure?)

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yes, that one!