Lab grown meat

It’s coming and you will eat it.

Looking forward to my first kebab made of this stuff.

lab grown steak tartar anyone?

Let’s face it, gonna be better that your average kebab shop fayre.

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I presume that if they use beef satellite cells you get beef and chicken satellite cells, chicken?

So what if they used long pig satellite cells? would that be cannibalism?

One could imagine a machine on a station platform. You insert your index finger, a few satellite cells are scavenged, a rapid process cultures the cells into a burger, and two minutes later out pops a burger made from your own flesh.


People would just start inserting their cocks.

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Perhaps it will have a ‘supersize me’ option.

if that is what they want to eat then let it be. My patented “My Instant Burger” (with its InstaBurg app) machine would not allow for cross-contamination from one customer to another. Although I am concerned what might happen if one fed it with earwax.

Or poo. Just imagine (don’t) a supersized shitburger. With fries and a shake.

Should probably get back to work now.

Aka a McSlurry.

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yum yum

You mean the elephant’s leg isn’t an actual elephant’s leg? :open_mouth:


I am disappoint.


Is this the Donald Trump thread… :thinking:

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I’ve put worse in my mouth.

From their natural habitat, to a take out near you.


hmmmm kebab incoming :slight_smile:

If it looks as appetizing in person as it does in that photo I can’t see any problem :upside_down_face: