Latest upgrade issues moanery

Nearly nuking the forum again :laughing:


Is this how you get your, living on the edge, thrills?

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I can’t get into it via PC. Shame it works on the iPhone though. Do try harder next time please.


Yeh, thank-you-VERY-FUCKING-MUCH Mister “What-lovely-weather-we’re-having”! :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

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Must Try Harder” on your report card!


Ah I was wondering why I got a white blank screen, thought it had snowed or something.

broke on chrome on my w10 pc

Opposite here. Works fine on chrome, banjaxed on Firefox.

Blanked on Firefox here earlier. But following a PC Shut Down (proper - all the lights out) and restart it’s working now.


Did that. Still getting a blank screen. Chrome works though so Meh!

powerdown - reboot - chrome still no work. Edge ok though. Chrome on phone works.

I’m on Chrome - faultless, in fact quicker than usual.


Edge - PC
Chrome - PC
Chrome - tablet
Chrome - phone

All fine :white_check_mark:

Outstanding issues = PEBKAC

edge PC ok
Chrome PC - fucked
Chrome phone ok
IE PC - fucked
Vivaldi PC - OK

Chrome on phone blank page

chrome pc fine

Im actually enjoy the blank page more at present


Chrome on Android phone: Blank screen

iPad ios14, Safari: fine.

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Edge on PC blank screen
Google on android phone ok


Chrome on Android phone, fine.
Edge on W10 desktop, fine.

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