Le Cleach profile

Anyone got a pair of Le Cleach profile 500 or 550Hz 1.5" throat horns they could lend me?
Would pay postage of course.

Curious to see if they bring anything new to the party / itch that needs Le Scratching :slightly_smiling_face:

Might even want to buy them, if they worked out.

See? Faff. :grinning:


Yay horn faff!

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Isn’t it just parts of speakers that gets changed with horns though, instead of whole speakers?

You guys! :grinning:

Yeah, only one pair of small horns. 32cm in diameter!
Screw off tractrix from S2’s, mount Le Cleach.
I have spare mounting rings, I’ve turned ready.
Then listen.
Might have a play with x/o points and slopes.
Can’t even qualify that as faff!

I change between 550Hz and 400Hz tractrix horns when the mood takes me.
Takes all of 2min!

The hornists here must be getting old / lazy to call this faff.

Faff is cutting out your ceiling to get them into your room, or cutting a pair of tapped horns in half to drag them up a steep staircase and rebuild them, or mild faff (on my scale of faff), infamously lightly sawing a pair of mid bass horns to get them through a door at Scalford.

What’s the alternative? Never being happy with a pair of heavy boxes, no matter how many you’ve tried :wink:


What’s happening to your system Ritchie @Wayward?
I remember reading somewhere the room might become for another purpose?
Any bits over?:slightly_smiling_face:

Remember the amount of graft that went into this at Scalford, God they were great weekends


Any bits over?:slightly_smiling_face:



Don’t ask don’t get!
I only want Le Cleach 1.5" throat horns.
Other vultures can have the rest😀

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Im keeping it all I hope. I have to find room with the new lay out and in my head it works.

For what it’s worth, I do think Le Cleach brings something, or maybe brings less of something. :blush:

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That’s good to hear Ritchie👍
You must find a way to ‘keep on keeping on’ with the horns.
At least until your ears fall off or something.
Nothing would fill the void.

Good to hear I’m on the right track thinking of trying Le C.

What cutoff freq do you use?

I’ll probably end up figuring out how to make a pair - plenty La faff to be had🙂


Throat is too small I think.

I think they run from 1500 - 11k

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Yeah, is only 1. Need 1 5". Have to be round to fit in.
Shaped horns to always look like urinals to me!

That’s higher than I start mine.
1100-1200 Hz and up for me.

What drivers do you use?

S2 on the upper-mid. :+1:

Nice, but why so high frequency?
My favourite is a 3uF cap ala Romy. Takes care of the nasty bump below the x/o point and smooths everything.

Not sure! I’m more passive than my xo! :wink: I think it probably sounded better, it was quite some time ago now since it was last adjusted. The peak is flattened with a bit of EQ as per, and second order between it and the lower mid.

At some point in the future I’d like to refine it all further but life has got in the way for a bit!

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