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Just leave it be.


But are you not are missing out on some of the S2 deeper loveliness? - there that’s set the cat loose😂
Just checked my measurement plots from 2012, 1st order, 1000Hz at full amplitude.

Going lower freq than 3uF gives is not desirable to my ears - dragons and all manner of nasties.

Life getting in the way, know the feeling - I won’t quote Steve McQueen again, just yet🤠

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3uF is a 3kHz electrical crossover.


You’re saying Ritchie should run it lower than 1.1khz when you’re running it from 3k up

3uF cap measured with driver is not the same as theoretical 3KHz electrical.

Ritchie said 1.5KHz. Not sure if that is measured.

I’ve just making the pint that your actual crossover is 3kHz. The shitty response of the driver (and I say that as a fan) means it doesn’t roll off until 1kHz or so, but there is more than one way to skin a cat. (see what I did there?)

Exactly my point too! Shitty response, wonderful sound😉

I preferred the EMIA. :grinning:

Too much faff = full circle😀

I’ll be looking for horn bits and pieces for the new listening room. I think the Acapellas will be going and be replaced by a component horn system similar to Ritchie’s :smiley:

The big problem I have is that despite having golden ears, so I know exactly the sound I’m looking for, they are connected to a numpty, non tech brain, so I have absolutely no idea how I’m going to achieve that sound! :unamused:

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You know the answer to that Jim and the price shall be Turans and (more) abuse. :rofl:

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Yay!! :smirk:

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Luckily for you, compression drivers don’t have 0-60 specs. :+1::grin:

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Appreciate that Ritchie, but they are much faster… yes? :wink:

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How far off are you Jim?

Half a garage?

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