Learn me about Ortofon arms and SPU cartridges

Forgot to say, I settled on the Fidelity Research FR64s to partner it.
I’d heard Alfie’s FR64s at Pete’s with his IO, and then at my place with the Royal N and Silver Meister (early incarnation of my horn system - pre Scalford).

I knew that was the arm…
Def. needs the heavy Fidelity Research headshell to make it sing.

I keep put the 64s on my Voyd and really enjoy it, but it is far from neutral and find the character tends to lead me to ask it to just calm down and play the damn record.
It then comes off after a couple of weeks and the AN Arm 1-3 mk2 goes back on for the next 12 to 18 months. Doesnt have the staggering energy, but also doesnt drive me nuts. :grin:

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Huh? What cart?

AN UK IO1 generally.

Synergies I guess :slightly_smiling_face:

As far as vintage 9” arms that could handle an SPU the 64s really is towards the top of the tree.

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Fancy a Glanz? Modern but looks vintage.

The Glanz is a great arm. although modern they sit well on a vintage tt.

@SteadySteve what model is the heavy FR headshell do you know?

Looks fab but £4k says no.

If you’re dead set against a 12" arm, how about an SME M2-9R

Vintage looks but with the benefit of modern bearings etc. I use an M2-12R on my TD-124


And also a good match for a FR7 too I’d imagine as an alternative to an SPU?

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I would think so. I use an FR-7 (or sometimes an FR-702) on an FR-64fx (with the heavy counterweight) and they’re a great match.

Lovely cartridges, which version do you have?


Haven’t seen an FR-7fx for not silly money for a looong time!

assume you mean the FR-64fx, I thought they were the cheaper version, there’s normally a few for sale in Japan that with VAT on import can still be had for less than £1200.

There was one for sale on pfm not long ago for £1100 which is a good price.

Matt mentioned the FR-64s which I think is what you currently have on the TD124?

I remembered I had an FR-7 which I bought ages ago and also have a Fidelity Research XF-2 L SUT here too and was warming back to an FR arm.

Is yours the standard or silver wired FR64s Chris?

I thought all the 64s were silver wired.

Not all of them

Ah got mine from Darren @Turningjapanese in 2019 so don’t know if it is silver or not?

The silver wired ones had a sticker on them but of course that could be missing.

Like this

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The 64 and 64s and fx are all copper wired. The 64s silver and fx silver are silver wired.
The fx has a lower effective mass than the others.

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