Let me ignore your advice

Anyone got any thoughts on in particular amps to drive these Peak Consults I’ve agreed to buy?

Technical data is pretty limited on these due to Peak now being under new ownership from when these were made. Based on similar things they make I think we’re looking at about 90dB sensitivity, and they probably want something that leans towards a slightly warmer sound.

Budget of up to £2k for amplification I think.

Integrated or power or pre/power?

Can be integrated, can be pre/power.

I do own an L300, but it’s still in France and I don’t fancy getting it posted so won’t have it until May at the earliest.

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Perhaps a Denon or Yamaha integrated 2nd hand as a stand in until you have the L300 and a suitable power amp.

This could be good value for the power amp.

Sony VFET TA-5650

You can use it as an integrated until you get the L300 then pull the link and just use the power amp section.

Or wait until you get the L300 and buy my First Watt F4 :slight_smile: .The L300 should be ok as long as it has a decent amount of voltage gain @murrayjohnson

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I have a Hegel 160 integrated I would sell.

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This this and more this!

I’ve had two hegels now… absolutely dull as dishwater. Warm yes, but tonally neutered.

I replaced a Hegel h390 with one of those AA amps and it was a vast improvement, I only sold it on as the AA didn’t quite have the power my Harbeths wanted. But it had a gorgeous natural warmth and sublime bass!

But the hifi news measurements put it at about 100wpc into 8 ohms, and nearly 200 into 4, so there’s lots of current on tap. Build quality is sublime, it looks a million bucks, and is a used bargain for what was once a £4k+ amp!

I have zero hesitation recommending it highly! And with a 90db speaker, this is more than enough power!

I’ll be moving my Lavardin IS Ref on at some point if that’s ok interest.

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Given you have such a great preamp coming in May it makes sense to buy a stop gap integrated in the meantime and get to know the speakers before choosing a suitable power amp to go with them and the L300.

If you really want to spend the whole £2k then this would be nice and shouldn’t depreciate too much.


I have a pair of Ranl Concept valve monos that you are more than welcome to borrow. I’ve not fired them up for over a year so it is no real inconvenience to me.

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That’s very tempting - my only concern is there’s likely to be extended periods where I’m away but nieces and nephews might be here. If it’s my stuff it’s one thing, but someone else’s stuff is different.

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I never considered the issue with kids. These are 16W full class A with no valve cages to separate little fingers from hot glass. Still, the offer stands if you want them.

If you fancy pre/power I have these child friendly Bel Canto Evos. Very smooth slightly warm sounding. Totally unlike their newer stuff. These will drive pretty much anything.


Ideal I’d have thought👌

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Now that looks perfect.

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