Linn Klout

Having borrowed a Linn LK280 recently whist i was waiting for an amp coming home from the repair shop i was quietly surprised how flippin good it was. I set about tracking one down as a spare power amp and wondered just how much better the Klout is. Any opinions?


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Turns up out of the blue, slides his feet under the table and immediately tosses in a live grenade.

Brave, if not foolish. Like the cut of your gib.


Seconded :+1:

Please also use the word “loom” to ensure the spontaneous combustion of some of the less stable forum members :fire_engine:

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Also “rig”. Cable comparison threads are very popular :+1:

If you think the lk280 is good I would hate to hear your other amps.


I;m sure you would.

Hoo boy this place is full of opinions.

If you’re looking for confirmation of yours then you might find that a bit more tricky to find :smile:


The Linn Klout is one of my favourite amps, paired with an LP12 and Isobariks this is the most dynamic and fast amp I’ve ever heard, nothing comes close to the bass control of this setup.

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You’re a very naughty boy :rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Don’t you need more than one Klout with Bariks though?

No the klout is more than capable of driving 100 isobariks.


Do Linn actually have an amp called a Klout? :crazy_face:

Besides the obvious, where I come from it’s another name for a hairy kipper. :grimacing:


I used an lk280 with an lk1 and some Saras. I still have the Saras.

Always dreamed of a Klout.

I dream of Klout, it never comes true.


I had LK100 and Wakonda with SBLs until I realised that it was shit and no matter what amount of tinkering could unshite it.

You obviously didn’t have enough of them fancy shelves. Can’t remember the name of them.

you’re thinking of Naim Fraim.

Now there is a company that makes great hifi