Listening Room Dream No1

This is the thing Matt & I visited yesterday. Read the link, look at the pictures & if it sounds up your street (and you can get there) pay it a visit. It’s free to get in & is open between 11-6pm. Read the link & don’t expect it to be like any kind of commercial hifi show. It isn’t about that.


I’d love to go there, unfortunately it ends on the day I travel south :frowning_face:

The thing with this show and Devons work s that it’s opening (A small chink, but opening) A new and previously difficult to reach audience. I dislike the tag hipster but the good part of hipsterdom is about searching out authentic experience and sharing it, getting obsessed and making it fun. Here this seems to be the case.

I’ve known and spoken with Devon over the last few years. In this time I have watched him create a market completely outside the trad audio field and then supply it. This is no small achievement. The thing is the trad audiophile cup is running dry - it needs to be filled and what Devon is doing is making hifi cool again. This should be encouraged, I see this as important.

Seeing audio equipment in a gallery space is interesting, you look at the objects in many ways as art, I’m not going to get into the sound side of things - I will say however that he is offering an experience and one which is a big turn on for many. Yesterday a recording artist showed up with a tape, Devon played it - unreleased and unfinished in many ways - It was a lovely experience. This doesn’t happen at hifi shows. Brian Eno will be there soon talking and playing music, there are gigs and closing parties etc etc all of which add up to something interesting, something you might want to take part in, a community.

He sells kits for speakers etc etc. These are things people can roll their sleeves up and build, not just a speaker but also their relationship to sound & music. In many ways what he is doing isn’t designed for audiophile forums or members but the people who ‘get’ this will become the members of the future.


Need to do a trip to London before this ulez kicks in around the m25.
If the car goes through the mot,I’m tempted to visit family,and get up to it.

Love this.

I don’t seem to London any more, but if I did, I would.

Making authentic audio relevant to the music-as-anaesthetic generations is Herculean stuff…

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Is the 2nd hi fi shop still at Bell Street?
It’s very close on the same side if it’s still there.

Just seen it’s still there

Will see if i can get there when i travel down to collect the Landy.

This is happening there right now in the gallery room.

= Better than Corrie / looking at hifi mags.


Would absolutely love to sample this but tied to business and house stuff for the foreseeable :sob:

Think I’ll check ahead before i make an effort. Wouldn’t want to turn up and listen to a drummer:) different if you live in London, it’s just a tube or bus away.

Most ‘events’ are in the evening session and are ticket only.

How do I find out about “the events”?
Looked all over the website, and can’t see anything. We are planning on going down, and would like to find out the best day.

I’m going to try and get there and great to meet @murrayjohnson and @Ruprecht yesterday -thanks for your help chaps :pray:t2:

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For anyone thinking of attending please place your expectations between the above lines.

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Nice write-up by Haden Boardman for HiFi Pig


Hope to visit Friday daytime as I have the day off.


Let us know what you think Paul.

Will do


The fact this piece is in the mainstream press, with an author talking about listening, valve amps, huge speakers etc is the new ground Devon is breaking.