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Only 4 bands starting with q…quartz only 5 bands starting with q. :laughing:


The ultimate prog instrument, seven years too late. Capists may cry


The idea that Synthaxe and Waraxe battle for the keys to the fairy kingdom is stuck in my dream catcher.


One of the finer collector scum ruses: “While I was serving as a police chief, I told second-hand goods dealers like this. I don’t care anything else but gramophones and records. I would buy any, and any consequence is yours if you don’t sell me,”

(Much is lost in translation in this piece )


Was revisiting this yesterday. One of the greatest live performances ever.


Music doesn’t get going till 1min


A documentary made for Belgian TV a decade back about the history of Front 242 ; only a couple of years ago they added subtitles.


I think I saw them in 78 & 80. Great both times.


Richard Twice - So near so far…


Neil Finn, Janis Ian, Ryan Adams Songwriters Circle


Now, this is what you call a performance…


Been meaning to catch up with this from 6Music yesterday

Discusses Godspeed in 28 Days Later, etc.


Well that was disappointing. The stuff that was trailed on Saturday wasn’t in the show. :poop: