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Tom - There’s lovely for you.



Again, just for an exercise in effortless



Might be worth a watch



Dirty Serge, king of Wednesdays.


The Extra mile,


Chicago Blues Docu from 1972


Sunshine makers (Trailer) to the superb film (On Netlix now) Scored by the excellent Heliocentrics



Tip, don’t ask your wife to watch this then ask - 'Why can’t you be passionate like that?


Karen Dalton - So desperately bedeviled - Once championed as the female Dylan, Dalton suffered the needle and much of the damage that can be done.

Another fatal Fem Judee Sill’s life reads like a juggernaut of tragedy. Broken backs, prostitution, Heroin degradation - From the manure of her life grew moments of beauty.


Ex Choir boy and Zombies vocalist Colin appears to many as a cross between Nick Drake and Rowan Atkinson. I like the use of the string section for rhythm


Frodo is a collector and Audiophool. Feel better now?



Cheers for that.

I have all the associated albums.

I can sit down and watch that on the computer tomorrow while waiting for a delivery :+1:


Very little live Buffalo Springfield but this is a corker


Fucking extraordinary! If you don’t, at the least, get goosebumps then check your pulse.