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Probably should have done something more productive with my day off than watch these

Can’t believe we never heard more of this lot;


Holy fuck - watched that right through until Joey Marlowe appeared then began to feel nauseous again thanks Stu :nauseated_face:


Bloody love Joey,wish he released an album or toured the UK in the 80s.


Oh, oh, oh make it stop.




Worth the time, escape to the desert


So this girl was on the Voice (Yawning over affected shout/singing competition where no body gets to be famous and the winner sinks from their 15 minutes faster than stronzetto can offend a lady)

I digress, it turns out Abi Sampa can also play a number of instruments… I’ve watched this film a few times, I’m not sure what effects are on this ‘Electric Veena’ but her playing of ‘raga blues’ with this tone is hypnotically refreshing

…I’ve checked out her other stuff and found nothing but disappointment sadly


Interesting 20 minutes


I’m guessing holding the various bodies of the guitar against his leg and chest during the test may have some damping / effect on actual measurement of tonal differences.


I’d have thought so.

Most interesting for me was that MDF wasn’t a complete disaster. Didn’t sound that different from the rest as I heard it.


There would, I suspect, be tonal differences if the pickups, bridge, etc were mounted on the individual woods, rather than being in a separate assembly which is just resting against the body.
An interesting experiment but too many flaws to be taken seriously.


Indeed, he would also have to come up with a mechanical repeatable way to strum the strings with the guitar suspended in isolation.