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Voices of East Harlem live at Sing Sing


Book this band now. I want to know how this guy would get on doing an hour and a half show




Four years before Smokestack lightnin’


Remarkably similar and it was recorded in 1952 (yes, 4 yrs before Smokestack Lightnin’) but Wolf had been performing Smokestack since the early 1930’s so I guess it’s a case of who copied who. Since Adams didn’t begin a recording career until 1950’s I suspect this was influenced by Smokestack rather than the other way around.

YMMV :grin:


Additionally, Wolf recorded (In 1951) “Crying at Daybreak” - basically Smokestack Lightnin’ under another name.


Agreed, cross pollination occurs on the live circuit. The thing is this recording was released four years prior which does pose an interesting copyright question.


See above recorded in 1951

1 year before Woodrow’s song


Apparently Woodrow Worked with Howlin’ Wolf from late 1940’s. Wolf was was the elder so it may be as you suggest


Indeed, Wolf taught him to play the blues harp apparently.


The closeness of the relationship explains much I learned something new today


Have you read Moanin’ at Midnight - Wolf’s biography?

It’s marvellous. Talk about a tough upbringing, his was off the scale.


I’d certainly like to - added to the book list


Well worth it :+1: I couldn’t put it down, but there again, I’m a massive Wolf fan.




For the parents of toddlers out there…

(As an explanation for everyone else, the people behind teletubbies and In the Night Garden have found their stocks of hallucinogens again.)


Mr. Onions! His philosophy is admirable, Onions!


Downer cure