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Saw this photo on a 6 moons review, anyone know anything about these, did they exist ?



Pretty fugly.

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Looks like an even more expensive way of buying the already overpriced *BX / Avatards…

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They look nice.


The avatard BS, some cheap drivers in a cheap box at reassuringly expensive prices.


A couple of years ago they had these on their website, and they were portraying them as a custom thing. I don’t know if they ever produced many. Their website is currently in transition.

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Just looks like a super deluxe version of the Avatar.
I know Kevin was trying to find or design a more suitably expensive speaker (£20-50k?) to match his Kondo stuff for those customers that found the OBX-RW too small and cheap and couldn’t afford or wait for a pair of Vox Olympians.

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My boat is sinking…:smirk:

You didn’t really get on with yours did you? I like listening to plinky plonky and female vocals on mine. Loves a bit of that I do.

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I don’t recall seeing them before.

Interested if anyone heard a pair.

They were OK. Don’t like hearing the boxes sing along. Not how speakers should work in my view.


They look like Chinese rip offs. Yuck.

If they sound anything like the other sub ÂŁ15K LV speakers, they are pants.

So, apart from the box and the drivers they were alright then?

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Yeah, apart from the box, the drivers and the way they sounded I loved them.

If only 407 people hadn’t told you they wouldn’t work in your room.


Don’t mind him he is deaf,
he had a pair of ATC SMC40 or somesuch for a while.
Awful things

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They were for review.

They worked fine in my room. I just don’t like them.

They sounded crap when I heard them. Nothing like the good ones I had and heard.

Worst of all didn’t you try some, decide you didn’t like them, then hear them again in Munich and bought a pair?