London mayoral election 2024

I feel this needs a thread of its own - mods may disagree :laughing: . Feel free to mute while I rant.

It’s a pretty important post IMO. The election is on Thursday May 2nd.

Will Sadiq Khan get done in by ULEZ?

Will Susan Hall escalate from pickpocketing herself to outright mugging herself?

Will Count Binface just vaporise all the other candidates?

Who are the other shit-flinging gibbons?

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You should run now that you are retired. :grinning:


Today’s outstanding helmets include Amy Gallagher (Social Democratic Party) who is standing on a platform of “Stand up to woke” (no, really)

She is also a pollution enthusiast and will

end ULEZ, LTNs, and the war on cars

And in the blue corner we have Nick Scanlon (Britain First)

who soils himself exactly as you’d expect him to

London is fast becoming a Third World cesspit, where crime is rampant and radical Islamist extremists dominate the streets!

He will also

Abolish ULEZ and C Charge

Looks like little Sadiq is on his own on this one, and they’re all going to try to leverage it.

Susan Hall also promises to

scrap ULEZ expansion on day one

I don’t have the stomach to dig through more profiles today but I suspect that they’re all saying the same thing.

Oh go on then, what does Howard Cock Cox (Reform UK) have to say?

Yep, first three pledges





I will remove […] excessively wide cycle lanes.

Man, he really likes cars. And hates bicycles.


Nice of those horrible cunts to split the Moron-vote tho’ :+1:


Brian Rose is a prize pillock as well.

Guy Gyroscope (Negroni Swillers party)


Plenty of time for hin to find a Merc G Class and bag a few cyclists this weekend

Is there a moron farm somewhere turning these people out?


Revolutionary Negroni Swillers Front.

Hmm, catchy.

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Bookies odds as of today are

New Savanta London Mayoral poll gives Sadiq Khan a 24-point lead over his Conservative rival

Khan (LAB): 50%
Susan Hall (CON): 26%
Rob Blackie (LD): 10%
Zoë Garbett (GRN): 9%
Howard Cox (REFUK): 2%


This is England.

These cunts have always lurked and deliberately hidden themselves from open scrutiny but the last 10 years or so of seeking to manage the country down into a shit-hole, real politics being largely replaced with ‘grievance cultivation’, and the culture wars to enable and embolden these wank-stains to broadcast their prejudice openly and with defiance has led us to this place of no return.

When a country is deliberately divided then the idiots will win by force of numbers alone. Farage knew this (as did his paymasters) and so do all the other chancers peddling the same bigotry.


Quite, divide and conquer as a means of control is as old as time. I do wonder though if the dumbing down of society has made it so much easier for mouth breathers to either be placed or find themselves in positions of actual power. It would be laughable if the consequences weren’t so dire.

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It’s a slight tangent, but I do wonder with the way the GOP has used abortion as a flagship issue to get a whole load of single issue voters onside that are otherwise turkeys voting for Christmas is going to backfire. Now that they’re actually trying to implement bans, and doing so in particularly draconian fashions, is pissing off a huge number of people. It’s absolutely not a popular position if you look at the country as a whole. Fingers crossed we see some similar tides turning over here.

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You misspelt ‘swingers’

No one has won an election on an anti enviroment ticket, of course Labour will win this.

The only fun bit is watching the massed Gammonati explode with rage.

It could be argued that the Tories won Uxbridge on an anti-ULEZ ticket, hence Sunak suddenly deciding that he likes cars, and binning our net zero commitments.

However since then people have had time to realise that it doesn’t affect them.

I hadn’t heard of this guy (London Real Party). Sadly he

Did not submit a mini-manifesto.

however a quick Google suggests that he really needs to lay off the HGH

Love child of Alan B’Stard and Arthur Daly.


His web site is a hot mess.

He doesn’t like


He likes

cryptocurrency, blockchain and web3 sectors

and he will be

privatising TfL

and (yay! there it is! :partying_face:)

abolishing the widely criticised ULEZ

Is he keeping his mouth tightly shut because he’s holding his teeth in, or is this the only moment when he’s not spewing invective?

Might as well get the other “swole” candidate out of the way - Andreas Michli (Independent)

Being a big lad he’s going to

Make London Strong

In fairness, he sounds less unhinged than many.

Homes: Build strong, build plenty, build beautiful


combat air pollution without penalising the public

is rather vague, and of course

Abolish ULEZ

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