LOPwell 2022

lopwell 5 2022

back on for another year

A few changes in regards to the accommodation. the charity has changed its insurance which means we need to keep within the 14 beds allocated …mostly… a couple of sleeping baggers wont be an issue.
The car park gets more popular as the years go by. fill your boots, camper vans welcome
Chris will need to bring a camo tent this year if he is to take his usual spot
Stu, matt and guy will know some local places locally for accommodation, I know a few prefer life’s little luxuries.
The hiring cost for the weekend has risen a little bit but there was a bit left in the kitty from last year which will cover it so the price remains at £35 which includes your accommodation the local meat order, some extra wood and a few items for breakfast (we can always put a kitty together if need be for stu’s barn delivery service.)
let me know your accommodation preference on the reply and nudge me if ive missed your payment

im looking forward to it

jim PAID
stepmotherAbum PAID
amdismal PAID CRIED off
adpulltheotherone PAID
Coco san PAID CRIED off
Donkeynogong CRIED off
Tinker…soldierspy PAID
Murray’s johnson PAID

lopwell garden
the lebowskis love den PAID

car park
Browellm PAID
The bobc travelling axe revue PAID
Valvebloke .,.for one night only PAID

fluffy pillow brigade
Kevin PAID

Ruprecht PAID

The always pay but never make it brigade…
General HTML1968 DEFO not coming

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I won’t be coming. I have radiotherapy around then in June so will be sulking.

We will make a meat offering to the great fire god in your honour


That weekend is the wedding anniversary of two very good friends of ours and they’re having an afternoon and evening get-together on Sat 25th at their place, just W of London. We’ve already promised we’ll go.

I’m trying to resist the temptation to drive 200+ miles down to Lopwell for the (usually epic) Friday night, then home again on Saturday morning. Shower and change of clothes to eliminate smell of smoke/chilli/meat-sweats then across on the train to clean-and-tidy land … it’s a mad idea of course …

It’ll be the first one I’ve missed.

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The journey down takes you very close to Hinkley Point. What’s left of the A-station is still cooling off I believe. If only you could slip someone £50 to get inside the biological shield for a few minutes … and whatever that doesn’t deal with would almost certainly be taken care of by the chemicals in the smoke and cookery and Adam’s sloe gin.



Damson gin this year


Im not there! Lemme in!!! :sob:

We put the headliners on the Pyramid Stage.

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Might have to kip in me van then!

See you there :+1:

Oh yes you are, you little tinker

Did you just add that? Or did I not get it?

Premier inn

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Many moons ago

Sadly, I am nearly incapable of drinking without hideous fallout these days. Sloe gin would yield unpleasantness that needs no description in shared accommodation that also contains @Jim.

I’m gonna bring a couple of litres of the newly released recipe from the now 88 year old French farmer. It is he of walnut wine


I’d love to come, not 100% sure when our house move will go through, I’d love to think it may be done by then…!

Come and sit by the open flame and observe adults defy gastric laws until they can see through time.

Become enchanted by soothing flute music amongst the flora and fauna via a fuck of horn

Win Win WIN this years MMOONNSSTTEERR Raffle, So pregnant with surprise and delight.

Bask in the almost doable company of your peers.

Pray for the pleasure to abate…THERE WILL BE NO ABATING

Rejoice in @stu in a canoe.



Any ideas on kit ?

This year’s Friday skewers will be of the Indian variety, anyone got any tried and tested recipes?