Lopwell 4 update

I got a email from jon at Lopwell this morning, which is timely as guy and I have been chatting about dates in the background.

Lopwell are hoping to be open from may 1st

Im not sure how everyone feels about it , ie would you go?, how do you think we should do it?
our existing booking was for the 2nd week, but there is availability for the third week which may be better??

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Sounds like wishful thinking, TBH…


i know but i thought id put it out there??

I wasn’t criticising, I just don’t think it’s in any way likely that this shit will be over by then. |'ve pretty much written off this year. If I’m wrong, hey that’ll be a pleasant surprise.

I’d fucking love to get pissed with friends. If I’ve had the vaccine in time then I’d certainly want to come, but timings are tight really.

What about moving it later, maybe end June or so, before the school holidays and their busy season?

that is possible adam, id have to check whats available, i imagine most accomadation down here will book up quick if not already

Or September?

Anyway it’s cheap enough that I would be happy to book at risk - ie if our consensus is that it’s too risky but it’s technically legal, I’m happy to lose the money. It’s not much, and it’s a charity.

I’d go.

But my instinct is that it’s “hope” and that a lot of people won’t be ready to take any chances.
It might even be see who turns up on the day.
Depends on cost, and if we could cover it on the basis that some may lose their cash if they bail out.

September seems more realistic, TBH.


September would be Settle weekend if it would be allowed.
So there would a clash of dates for a lot of people who might normally plan to attend both weekends.
I think Dave has got Settle dates pencilled in.

I should have had both jabs by then, so I’m in :+1:

I’ve just had the first dose of the vaccine. I won’t get the second jab until early May so wouldn’t be covered until June if my adding up on fingers and thumbs is correct. I think that I will sit this out to be honest and will probably give Settle a miss too much to my regret.

I would be keen to go, however I’m very sceptical about restrictions being lifted to the extent that mass gatherings will be allowed by early May.

It’s really too early for anyone to commit - vaccinated or not - IMO.

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i think this is it really, i just wanted everyones opinion worse case, if i can t change the booking ill take my kids up with a couple of their pals

Usual old farts penalising us youngsters :rofl: I’ll be lucky to have had a first dose before June :disappointed:



I love the idea, and we all want something to look forward to, but I think its hope over realistic expectation with regard to May.

I suspect that the vaccination programme won’t have reached far enough into the population by May to have achieved the tipping point required to keep us all safe.

I’ve written off the idea of doing anything like this until at least September and even then I’d need to take a rain check closer to the date.

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Also Munich - 9th-12th September.

Personally I think even that is optimistic :frowning_face:

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Maybe I’ll just come South for a month - Lopwell/Munich/Settle/visit my Dad.

Could work :grinning:


I would not be comfortable for May Sept maybe.