Lopwell Music Centre thread - aka what are you too selfish to bring

With less than 2 weeks to go we have more information on what people are too selfish and idle to bring, rather than what is going to turn up and be shoved in the corner.

This thread is to catalogue the things that people are choosing to deny the pleasures of others by leaving at home.

Therefore by elimination what is left is likely to form the AA 2019 music centre.

So far we have not being brought by the cast of the stingy and self centred -

SAP7 cuntishly refusing to bring a Technics SL1000R

thebiglebowski not willing to tow his Devore Gibbons on a small trolley tied to his rollerskate Mini

crimsondonkey being too lazy to bring either horns or floaty turntable

Current offers -

@catcando - integrated amp and CD player plus cables

@Adpully - Impulse H6 speakers

@crimsondonkey - Pioneer M-Z1a monoblocks

@Kevin - M7 line preamp

@Rob998 - Sony TC765 R2R

@murrayjohnson - Magnat DD turntable

@stu - horns

@spider - Gamma amplifier

@hoopsontoast - Nighthawk phonostage

@sap7 - Hugo TT DAC

Ruprecht - s7c or Koetsu SUT

Stepmotheratom - Tune Audio Primes

Browellm - Avantgarde Unos

Confirmed stereo bits and bobs -

ie naff all yet…

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Only cos it’s in a crate the size of a bungalow and waiting to be swapped for a new one !

I can bring an integrated (Lyngdorf class D) and a CD player/DAC (Jolida) if needed. Plenty of cables of all sorts.

I think we’re strapping the 16a to Jim’s fat 911 and seeing if it can take off at 170mph

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Happy to bring a 50cm lead if I’ve got room in the estate

No excuses bucko


I don’t think I’ll be bringing @Ciderpig 's ANS9 because I’m not sure if I want it yet.


We won’t need one as @OzzyOzzyOzzyOiOiOi is omitting to bring himself and his atrocious music on little silver discs this year.

The fire will glow a little dimmer in the absence of his record collection…


Suffer, the little children :smirk:

It’s usually down to embers by the end of track 1, anyhow.


Obvs strap to the passenger side if Jim’s driving to retain overall balance and weight distribution.


Aiwa 5080 Music centre. :sunglasses:


He could burn us a few mix discs and I could bring them. Except I’m too selfish, in the sense that I’d like to come home without having been duffed up.

I’m so selfish I’m bringing nothing but leaving with a Gamma, some B&O thing and, possibly, a pair of Rank Concept Class A monos.



Funny you should mention that - I was only thinking today, with myself, Pete, Adam and Edd in the car, the power/weight ratio is going to be absolutely fucked…:anguished:

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I liked that car, random button pushing is fun.

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LOL. It’s only 11 days away


Hardly random was it - not with some cnut in the back seat shouting PRESS THE SPORT PLUS BUTTON!! :joy::joy:

You think i knew which that was?




I really hate you lot :rage:

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