Lopwell Pork Supply


There is a butchers over the road if meat is needed.
Know idea if it’s any good as we only eat rice


Aha! I’ll get a shoulder of pork there. I was concerned about getting one locally as I leave Thurs am and may not have access to a fridge.


Those pork baps were lovely last year


The pork baps were indeed excellent, I can almost taste them now washed down with Kiki Dee


yyyyyeeeesssssss!! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:



Jim , I’ve ordered a full black pudding and a white from the butcher’s,


re Shoulder

Might be wise for us to check that they’ll have one for Friday


I’m hoping to bring 5 or 6 loafs.

Along with the butcher’s order( 45 unsmoked 20 smoked bacon, 60 assorted bangers) I’ll be bringing 48 eggs and other assorted breakfast fare, a stack load of bratwurst and pitta dough

A few bottles of red, some of my plum eau de vie, Armagnac and the last of the summer fruit liqueur


If not I can drop in tomorrow and see if the breakfast butcher can add to the Friday pickup


Coffee beans, coffee machine
Bourbon, Pussers Gunpowder, sugar cubes, bitters, citrus (do we have ice?), ginger beer - cocktail time
Pickled stuff for said cheese


It would be nice to have some Gin/Ice/Lemons/Tonic etc there for that time of day


you’ll need limes


limes and oranges I’ll have. I’ll pick up some lemons and tonic too.


Lime is only used when burying the dead


@Stu does the supermarket by yours stock bags of ice


Is there a freezer at Lopwell or just a fridge type freezer tray?


I’ve got a bottle of bathtub gin I can bring, goes very nicely with ginger beer and lime.


Have various gins I can bring.


Lidl in Tavi does


Anyone got a cool box? (Refreshments…The Fridge gets busy and requires getting up , which is in no way the same as getting down)