Lopwell Pork Supply


I’m bringing my plug in cool box , helped out last year.

Considering the weather a couple more would help for larder


I’ve got a standard cool box which i can bring


Not sure if the local co op sells ice


That would be great if you could do that Guy. :+1:


You bringing the La Spaziale Bob? :heart_eyes:


Yep, it’s a tank version so I can shift it. Will just bring a double size filter as that’s the one I’m used to.


Excellent! How about a grinder, are you bringing one, or should i bring my Ascaso?


Are you proposing some kind of a grind off? :


I like to grind


you might be lucky :wink:



The shoulders seem to be about 4 Kg each. Comes to about £13.

Was one enough & do you want it deboned/rolled?


Bring it, I’ll have a Knock whateveritscalled, but two is betterer.


That sounds remarkably cheap! Less than half the price I would expect, are you sure that is the price of a whole shoulder?

Bone in and skin on. :+1:


Yes, he brought one out to show it to me.

I’ll collect on Friday am.


Is there a kitty/spreadsheet running to cover food costs etc?
I am spending/bringing very little compared to some of you guys


I have been watching these Police Interceptor TV progs and people get arrested for having grinders.

Be careful out there!


Strawberry Pavlova and Strawberries and Cream in a cold box
Plus shortbread biscuits


I am bringing non-foo coffee machine and beans.
Is there anything else I can bring?


No south east tax :+1: