Lopwell Pork Supply


surely Andrex is better for arse cleansing


I might take you up on that Stu, I am about 40 miles North East of you over night. :+1:


Have scrounged a cool box of the parents so will fill it with bags of ice before I leave.


Baking commenced. Batch of shortbread and a cake on the way.


After being nudged, I will attempt to procure a pie from Nelson’s about the same size as a slightly overweight child.



So the BBQ on Friday - I think the meat might be sorted (and some!)

I think someone offered to make guacamole already? If so I can make a fresh salsa, a rainbow slaw and if people fancy it, BBQ rum pineapple?


As long as you save some for the pizza


That was my plan :+1:


Milk sorted,things I do for you lot


I’ll bring these two homity pies. If we’re being kind I think we’ll have to say the look is ‘rustic’. And the wholemeal pastry is v crumbly. But “they’ve got good things in them” (spuds, onions, cheese, spinach, fats, spices and seasonings, plus pastry). The hairy bikers say each one serves 6-8.

Plus drinks of course, and some carrot cake and biscuits if I remember.



There should also be about a litre of double cream in there too if it’s the same hairy bikers one I make!


Maybe not quite a litre, but there is a good deal (I hid that under ‘fats’ where, if I’d thought about it, I could probly have sneaked the cheese too).





Yes, I’m afraid you have to share.


Is @stu preparing his signature dish yet ? Hope he made an early start.


Yes, I’m looking forward to seeing the ‘Lopwell Special’ too.


This is an AA meat men escape. Not a fucking Michelin starred restaurant :roll_eyes:



When is the human sacrifice?