Lopwell Pork Supply


Hmmm… I think actually they are probably about half size. Last years was I think, about 7-8 Kilos.


Looked pretty big but do we need two?


Sadly the pigs that roam the Saville row area are always going to cost more


You talking about the ones that reside in West End Central? :grin:West%20End%20Central%20PS


Yes, use to see hoards of them in the Leicester Square amusement arcades in the late 70s


I found out recently that in WW11 a bomb exploded right opposite the station, Autumn '41 I think. Apparently, it took out all the windows in Savile Row and Boyle St and killed three officers inside the building. Early in the morning, when the sun is low, you can make out multiple repairs to the Portland stone facade where the bomb splinters hit. It had only been open 3 months or so when it happend and was reckoned to be the most advanced cop shop in the world at the time.


Do we need 2 shoulders?




Maybe… are there more of us this time?


I am going to be quite local on Friday morning, I could meet you at the butcher and we can decide then?


OK I’ll order 2. What do you do beforehand? Herbs? Seasoning?


I will bring the herbs and stuff I think, as I need to shop tomorrow morning before I set off


I can bring some of this if you want to use it, I use it on ribs and it’s knockout.



Don’t change a winning recipe. Last year’s was to die for.


If anyone arrives in the morning,they are welcome to pop round here


Are they from the Yelverton butchers?


No, Howells in Tavi.


I’ll be round. Mexican Spicy for lunch?


I’m not minted


Must remember to get some washing up liquid and scourers