Loud noises

So it would appear we are in the middle of an area that the local chasse (Hunt) like to use. Need some ideas for making a massive amount of noise whilst they are in the vicinity.

Thé chasse in France are a fucking liability, and kill multiple people every year due to being blind drunk / not giving a fuck about others.

With dogs? High frequency?

We have a dog, so don’t want it to be something unpleasant for him. Also the dogs aren’t really the ones at fault.

If I can make enough noise that the wildlife doesn’t come too close that would be a good start.

Gas powered bird-scarers and some sort of scent disruptor around the boundaries?

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Shotgun and ammo. Once you’ve shot the ringleader clean off his horse then the others will turn tail and chicken out.





massive PA and a prog CD on repeat (Will probably need a multi disc player…)? Would keep me away.


There’s your problem.

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That. And lion poo or summat.

As with everything in rural France have a quiet word with M. le maire the weekend before.

EDIT: Unless, of course, he is one of the chasseurs. In which case you’re screwed.


Serious flaw in this idea.
The hunt only lasts a couple of hours so you wouldn’t get through the introduction. Unless of course you know when they are coming then you could start the track the previous day. :grinning:


As an animal deterrent or for flinging? :grinning:

English bloke has a moan to French Mayor about local French people.

That will work!

Seriously if you are English, new to the community and want to run a local business, if you get on the wrong side of the Marie you are fucked

Just hire @Jim, though to be fair it’s a bit of a scorched earth solution…

True. The trick is to get on the right side of him/her.

A couple of people we knew owned a converted farmhouse as a holiday home just outside Monfort down in the Gers. We had a few trips down there. When our friends weren’t present a British couple kept an eye on the place for them. The Brits had a larger place of their own (a sort of mini-chateau) which they were restoring, and they lived there permanently. We got to discussing la chasse one time, as it was about to get under way and we wanted tips on not getting accidentally shot. They said the first year they were there the hunters had shot one of their cats ! In that case they weren’t local - they were a troupe of city dwellers. The hunted all day and things tended to be OK in the mornings. But they had long boozy lunches and were a threat to anything that moved in the afternoons. They told us that they mentioned this to the mayor and he simply tapped the side of his nose. They never saw or heard another hunter. As you say, staying on the right side of the mayor matters. The people who organise the hunting understand this too.


Repellents are the way to go. Stronzetto available for mince pies and usual glue rider

I need a scorched pants solution :joy:

Plant white flags a few miles away, theyll run and hide behind them.


You need a Sodder’s.