Magnifying Glass advice

A bit unusual, but I imagine someone will be able to give me some advice, appropriate or otherwise.

As a chap of advancing years, bits are starting to wear out, two of them being my eyes.

I’m looking for a simple, reasonable quality, hand held magnifying glass.

Ideally 4" ish diameter, glass, 5x to 10x ish genuine magnification.

Not looking to spend a fortune but don’t want the tat on Amazon / eBay either.

Anybody able to either suggest something suitable or have something suitable they are happy to move on ?


Perhaps visit an optician and get some spectacles?



OK, maybe I should have explained a little better. It would be for things like checking if the stylus was dirty, things where a bit of magnification would be useful.

For usual everyday activities my eyes are fine.

De-nile is NOT a river.






I think I’d want one of those small thick hand lenses for checking a stylus

Keep meaning to get one of these to check out the cartridges I have.
Then I can stick the knackered ones as “low hours” on eBay


£8 from J7 + £3 p/p

I have one, they do the job.

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Yes, I have this -

but it’s only about 7cm diameter, so distorts at the edges quite obviously and is only about 2x magnification.

That’s the one I have for cartridge & tick examination. Works well.

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That is out of stock :frowning:

In a box

Nuff said

Most modern smartphones have a Macro setting on their cameras + astounding resolution…

I don’t even own one and I know this… :roll_eyes:


Loop innit

Unfortunately, mine doesn’t

I’m assuming that you are a middle-aged man. Do you wear glasses at all? If not you are a freak of nature, Presbyopia is a thing.
Or you are an uncorrected myope.

(Takes off ex-optician head and fucks off to the kitchen for another beer…) :slightly_smiling_face:

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