Make your own hampers

you guys get a bit obsessive so thought it might make an interesting thread to ask if you were making a hamper for a christmas gift what would you include: nice coffee, Pork Pie, mince pies, wine choices, port pie etc all things you guys seem to take a mite more seriously than the average punter

so what would you include? I have the hamper and the straw, just need ingredients…

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All the things

Hi Darren

happy to comment on the Port front, a good quality LBV or Tawny Port (20 years aged) would be a good choice, it’s filtered so can be drunk without settling and will last a few days once opened. If you have a Booths near you their own brand 20 yr Tawny is v nice, also comes in a dumpy bottle shape so would fit nicely in a hamper. Taylors LBV can be had from most supermarkets for a tenner or so. If going posh then a 2016 vintage at £100 is just the ticket :slight_smile:

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Nice lump of Montgomery cheddar

this is delicious and very reasonable at about £25

forget the hamper, this’ll do

good gin would be useful too = the person I am doing this for likes a gin, not thought about Port but a couple of good ideas there to choose from thanks guys

I always get a bottle of Laurent Perrier Rose for the Christmas dinner but for the last couple of years I’ve been getting local Hampshire ones instead and they have been fantastic so far, this year it’s this one:

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My budget (its a gift for a friend) is circa £150 so that is a bit pricey tbh but worth a look for my xmas dinner cheers

Don’t forget the Richmond skinless sausages :+1:

Best biscuits in the world. Mandatory for Christmas.

This is also a bloody nice bubbly from Hambledon which is another Hampshire one I tried and is £28 a bottle

Also on the cheese front, this Gorgonzola is fucking lovely and in a nice sealed package for the hamper, Waitrose sell it for around £3


what gins do they already have? do they like a trad London Dry? or a flavoured gin? or something more out there?

I make my own hampers for a couple of family members. I tend to avoid anything that needs to go in the fridge due to the hassle once you’ve made the hamper.

My favourite crackers. Mrs Cradock makes them in her kitchen and you can tell they’re home made. I can get them in Morrison’s down here. There’s a list of stockists.

Bang on budget

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Looks perfect for Auntie Mavis :+1:

thought she preferred Marmite lube?

My wife gets a few hampers every year, gifts from work. They are always shit no matter where they come from. Usually, the posher the establishment the more disappointing the hamper. Harrods and F&M just stick in jars of hideous mush that nobody would buy.