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Very easy.

Can’t think of much that instills more meh !


Right…it’s Dec 2nd, so now I can officially contribute :grin:

Had a mince pie and coffee this morning in La Bakerie in Wanstead High St. (@Wayward will know it - it used to be Nice Croissant Ritch)

This was a lovely example - well cooked crispy pastry with a not too sweet but subtle cinnamon flavoured filling. Absolutely delish. :heart_eyes: I liked the one accompanying the coffee so much I bought half a dozen. Not cheap though - £1.40 each or 6 for £7.60.


That doesn’t seem outrageous for the sit-in price of a nice pie in London.

I’ve decided £1.50 is my tolerance threshold for all but the most artisanal efforts, and above that they need to be the size of a baby’s head, or I’m out.


Not quite sure what to make of these efforts from Tom Kerridge’s main restaurant.


I’d make him serve 6 to 9 months in Pentonville


It’s a tart. Report back when you find a pie or start a mince tarts thread.


Meh…semantics. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


If i were a moderator I’d be policing this pie thread a lot more rigorously. Bans would be flying about like confetti. It’s a shambles at the moment.


Except it’s Wanstead not Regent Street. :grinning:
Despite it now being December the lack of good pies is quelling my desire to participate in pie. All these non pie abominations, mouldy rabbit shit clusters, star topped tarts and puff pastry squares are rong. The saddest thing so far was @stu awarding Mr Kipling a 7/10 score. WTF. Christmas is nearly over before it’s begun :roll_eyes:


I am typing with my nose as my fists are immovably clenched… To make an M.P appear like a cats ring piece is a hate crime, Stronzetto has issued a Fatwa. Mr. MWS has completely taken leave of his senses and was last seen hoofing amyl in Waterstones and shouting at Tom’s cookery books…

See, this is why the M.P shouldn’t be seasonal -Supposedly we are ushering in a Season of peace and good will but How is this possible now? Tom has cancelled Christmas, we can all go home now.


Comes December and I can start looking at this thread.

May your Xmas celebrations hold up as well as this bunch. :cowboy_hat_face:


Now the more Date challenged are awakening to the joys of M.P can we Sirs, can we get down to business. By this I mean faff, clagg and faff with additional cockeyed observations


The foil on that pie causes immediate concern. The two standard foil cases used in factories manufacturing pies consist of the apple pie case( far too deep for a mince pie) and the considerably shallower jam tart case. I sincerely hope F&M spec the latter.


Depth discussion needed - Skinny vs Deep.

I once had a visitation from Mr. MWS who assured me skinny women were to be treated with ‘grave caution’ - Does this translate to Pies?
How he arrived at this conclusion is in itself a mystery, to my knowledge he’s never actually had sex, he did speak with some conviction however.


I think both deep and shallow should be given appropriate scrutiny. Who knows what mysteries are hidden in the deep. While the shallow is often preferred by peddlers of the tart. There is no easy road to travel on the pie quest.


The Pie is a window on humanity. Indeed it is the road less traveled but for stout men of firm thigh the enrichment of the soul is unparalleled.




The chef who did the catering at the neighbour’s soiree produced a canape style mince pie.
It was spicy but too sweet. It had excellent pastry.
Andrew (the chef) asked what I thought. I told him and he agreed. The mincemeat he made hadn’t worked out, so he had bought some in and augmented it.
He apologised.
Decent bloke.


Sorry is over used and under meant - An afternoon of self flailing may be more sincere


Canapé style? Sounds like he’s gone full Sade. We need pictures.