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Sounds good, I have had my Mother’s trusty Prestige in the garage for years but never used it, she used it a lot for stews, cooking gammon etc. I should give it a whirl.


The Prestige is what my Mum used. I don’t know what happened to it though.


@J_B long, slow cooking eh? :grinning:


Not by your standards Ritchie, it would be fast food to you :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Stronzetto is as confused by this hateful pudding turn of events as he is about sexual boundaries




BBC breakfast mince pie chat about 10 mins ago, plus factory visit in Barnsley but pie recipe taster didnt mentoon the clag factor :thinking:


If the pie tester didn’t enter into a process akin to a Japanese tea ceremony but with more reverence, the tester is a fraud.


Insufficient faff. The fucking Yorkshire fucking Tea ceremony is your only man for those important formal situations.


More faff. Currently making candied peal to go in the mincemeat.


I had my first mince pie from Charlie’s today. It was fantastic, but slightly marred by reminding me of how some cunt (@ZiggyMarley actually) snaffled them all last year like a massive cunt.

No clag, real bite to the citrus, really good pie.


that reminds me we’ll be in St Albans on Saturday for Craft and Cleaver


I suggest cleaver ¥


Mmmm Brisket Burnt Ends ftw!




I’m still holding off 'til December and it’s been easy so far.



Today’s offering is Mr Kipling

About level with the Tesco ones

7 our of 10


Clag factor?


1.3 - 1.5g per 100g