Mince Pies & Other Metaphysical Musings -> 2019


Service mundanity, sadly.

However, much as it irks me to say, the new X5 interior is lovely, really really good.

Also the new 8 series looks decent.


Yeah 8 series looks quite nice. Clients would never speak to me if I rocked up in one of those!


I trust you directed your Irk at the manager once he’d started his sale’s patter with the initial closer ‘How does that sound to you?’ Hummm these pies, they’re tarts really aren’t they? Somewhat claggy, slightly too shallow with a lack of spicing… I’m sorry did you say 10% and free servicing?


I was wondering whether a full pie lid was a BMW optional extra like indicators & wing mirrors.

Something you might aspire to but wouldn’t conceive of actually getting.


I think the excess bits of lid are thrown over the fence to the scrubs in the Mini garage next door.


Ha, if it was a Porsche, you’d only get the pastry case :smiley:


they had mini stollen at our Porsche dealership


Wot ?! U sayin’ Porch dealers R floggin’ nicked mini’s now ?

Was one end of the stollen weighed down by all the dried fruit ?



Nice to see these companies at least trying to make an effort.

Vauxhall on the other hand take you for 18 holes at Gleneagles,let you fly a jet to get their,then pick any item upto £100,000 from Hatton garden whilst your astra is being serviced…probably


One of the reasons I didn’t buy a Vauxhall VX220 was the idea of taking it to Network Q every year


haven’t Vauxhall contracted their dealership catering to pizza hut?




I’ve been craving pie since Saturday. Not had a chance to bake any so resorted to these. I think the wife brought them home.

complete with Courvoisier mincemeat.
worrying depth for such a small pie.
poncey lid and anemic pastry.
Taste wise
The aroma of brandy essence is overwhelming, the pastry lacks bite and flavour and it’s too deep. overall





Didn’t buy them,just flirted close to that end of the shelf for a split second




You’ve changed your tune: I remember you coming up with some sort of mince tray bake/slice thing last year :face_with_monocle:


At least mine was vaguely mincemeaty based…

That Mr Kipling abomination is on another level. Even flirting for a split second is tantamount to a thought crime.