Mince Pies & Other Metaphysical Musings -> 2019


I think Stu deserves our support and empathy. Clearly the slice pie is like glue to Stronzetto. I fucking hope Uncle Ben doesn’t get in on the action or a Christmas Conniption may turn apocalyptic


I went for bakewell tarts before i delve back into the mince pie onslaught again


Now you’re talkin’. I’d sell my soul, or what’s left of it for a Bakewell Tart. :slight_smile:


What’s the current soul/bakewell exchange rate ? Is anyone’s soul worth a muffin ?



The Dalai Lamas, but only one single plain muffin. No double choc chip or blueberry, no sirree…


“Didn’t inhale”


Just logged-in for the first time in yonks to see if the annual Spy thread at least had some insights to guide an imminent purchase…

766 posts of content-free kak. SEVEN HUNDRED AND SIXTY-SIX!!! [767 now]

Why don’t I learn?


I blame myself.


Strap of the day


We’ve been waiting for your guidance :wink:.

Welcome back !



Now you’re back, we can blame you too :grin:


Only 92% of a Eurovision evening thread though.

P.s. while you are here, make yourself useful and get the dog thread updated.


We don’t like change. :+1:


The mince is the content


But we do love a flounce :popcorn:


Every Tesco mince pie since 2006.



AA is as much about hifi as the mince pie thread is about mince pies - For this I am grateful.


Just seen these on a site discussing The Little Bakery in Santiago :face_with_symbols_over_mouth: I leave tomorrow, do you think I might get away with arson?


Is the bottom right a mini action man customs checking glove?



Cheapest of the M&S ones - pastry is nice and buttery - filling not bad. I may need to eat the the whole box to properly evaluate them of course.

The Mr Kipling ones are utter shit in comparison - abysmal pastry on them…