....more armchair politics (Part 2)

Correct, coal and oil is 6000 years old and was a gift from God to America to make it the greatest nation on earth.


Out of context.


Daughters boyfriends mum was taken into hospital after continuous vomitiing at Plymouth hospital Tuesday night.

19 hours waiting in ambulance before a doctor came out to see her.
Not sure what time she actually got into the hospital.
She has a heart problem,so not sure if it was related in any way.

What a state the nhs is in.
Struggling to see how labour can turn this around in just 5 years,let alone all the other issues.
Will be some achievement if they can.


Maybe Labour have had a look at the books and the money has all gone. Cue Tories, pockets bulging with aforesaid cash, pointing and hooting at manifesto failure.

My assessment is that even if the country was in a strong and healthy position (which it clearly ain’t), that undoing 13 years of willful neglect and chronic underfunding will take at least another 13 years to undo, let alone begin improve upon.

Health services have been so completely multi-fucked that just pumping above inflation funding increases in for a few years won’t even scratch the surface. On the supply side of skills alone this shambles of a government have done untold damage to training, recruitment, retention and motivation and so on.

Sorry could bore on but…


Lee Anderson speaking is usually a good indicator though.

For health services also read education.

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And welfare, and transport, and pretty much every other sector.

In all seriousness I can’t think of one single thing the tories have done to benefit anyone other than to further enrichen their already rich pals.





Oh Christ, what a tragedy. I wish I could say it’s isolated and I’d never seen this. It’s your worst nightmare.



Ouch… That’s cringeworthy. Sad thing is fck all will change

Fuck the fuck off out of it; at the roundabout, take the first exit signposted Fuck Off fucking bunch of cunty chancers.

Kwarteng just like his partner in crime Truss, still labouring under the delusion that anyone gives a fuck what they think and people should take any notice of them.

Pair of Tufton St stooges.

I’m supposedly a carpet expert. You hire me. I take a violent shit on your rug, set fire to it and charge you multiple times over your expectation. Now who’d like to pay me for my unequaled advice on rug care?

This guy is criminally incompetent and responsible for considerably more misery than a turd on a Berber rug.