....more armchair politics (Part 2)


How do you know something?
Did you read it / hear it / see it? Did someone you trust read it hear it or see it and tell you?
Were you there? If not the some form of Media form text book to tabloid probably transmitted it . - Therein lies power.

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Watched the snippit from the ITV Rishi interview and it’s worse than Boris’ “model buses” bullshit.

The twat had rich parents, his dad a surgery in the posh part of Shirley, his mum owned a pharmacy and they lived in a 6 bed house in Bassett which is one of the poshest areas of Southampton. He went to a private prep school and then Winchester college

The prep school is £24k per year and Winchester is £36k per year, I assume he went to King Edwards in southampton as Stroud is the prep school for it, that is also £21k per year

Had to sacrifice many things my fucking arse you lying twat.

But, but, he was deprived of Sky TV. :roll_eyes:

Tories go for white van man by reducing their NI to zero.

Divide and fucking rule, it’s the Tory way.


Not meaning to be defensive as a self-employed person but it’s ‘reducing the NI we pay on top of the NI that everyone pays to zero.’ It’s irrelevant anyway. At this point, they might as well offer everyone a unicorn.

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Paid for by slashing welfare benefits to the disabled. Seems fair.

Ed Davey’s just having a ball, not going to win but gonna make losing fun!



I want to see Davey and Binface try to outgimmick each other.

Davey annoyed me at first,but he seems to be having the time of his life. Good on him

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At lopwell


I wondered who put the chilli and pineapple on the pizza…

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Just saw mercer carrying his placard thing

Andrea Jenkyns pretending she’s the Reform candidate.

Either that or she’s even thicker than she appears. Could go either way really.

It’s so obviously a directive from their shitbox central campaign team. That crap Aussie whose name escapes me. Desperate.

Isaac Levido.

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Nah, that’s clearly a parakeet.


That wasn’t made clear, it was reported as if the SE will be paying zero NI.

Why do the SE pay more NI than PAYE, am guessing there must be a reason.