More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)


A powerful learning moment…Ahahahahahahaha

I’m having that one for this years bonus lucky dip staff report.


Another reason not to use Amazon

Amazon Recorded Video Of A Seller’s Face For Identification Purposes





A peek at the diary of Liam Neeson’s agent: ‘He’s Started a Really Important Conversation’


A bit of common sense from a normally devoid government


Weekly weather whinge. Here’s the forecast for 15:00 yesterday, with four hours to go

Ever wondered what ‘Sunny intervals and a fresh breeze, 10% rain’ actually looks like ? Here’s a picture taken at 15:00 . Looking directly into the wind (ah).

I legged it as fast as I could to the right (north) and just about out-ran it (caught by the very edge of the wet bit, but nothing to worry about).



You aren’t still believing stuff the BBC says are you? :grinning:


What information would improve it? I think that having info on both “chance of light rain or drizzle” and “chance of a real downpour” would work. Presumably their model generates mean and standard deviation of rain expectation or something.


Stop messing around and just get the Dark Sky app.


Nope. On Sunday I did check Accuweather against the BBC for Tuesday and Thursday though. They both said pretty much the same at that point and both were off the mark for Tuesday, which turned out better than they predicted.

For longer term forecasts (>24 hours ahead) some indication of the uncertainty. I’ve seen these forecasts flip radically overnight which suggests that the earlier one had a chance of being very wrong. For short term forecasts a description of the rain type. Widespread drizzle versus isolated heavy showers, say.



Squally showers is a favourite of the BBC


and Donald Trump



I use the metoffice app, which is more accurate than the BBCs forecasts.



Weather was pretty dodgy here yesterday too. :slight_smile: Zoom in to the photo and you will see the last-held Moorish castle perched on the crag. Was quite a view from up there.


It’s actually worse here today - at least the skies were, um, picturesque yesterday.

Impressive castle ! I’m not sure, but it looks from the shadows as if the view from there is to the south. Given that it was their last, maybe that’s appropriate.



Full 360 degree views! Fantastic. Other photos on the camera and can’t post. Seems to be dispute as to whether the inhabitants were allowed to leave from Denia or were slaughtered by the incoming Christians.