More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)


I got slaughtered in Denia once :+1:


This place is worth a visit in Javea…


Would that be some sort of a phone thing ? Can it be run on a computer ?



Yep, clicky ze link.


Ta, just found it.



Yes, the fishermens’ church. Have been past it, will go in next week when my sister visits (she won’t want to walk every day).


With quite drinkable plonk from the Xalo cooperative at 6.75 euros for 5 litres it is very easy to get slaughtered!


Billy Bragg wrote a song about her very shortly after this happened.


Exacerley. The Xalo co-op is great. And their olive oil is fantastic too.

The restaurant a few doors down does some great food.


Chip pan is another favorite here



H&S… That knife is blade side up, even if it is sheathed


@rmsshipbroker !



Dave, Dave, Dave…It’s Spain. :roll_eyes:


Quickly looks round for a phone booth to change into Clipboard Man, Saviour of Humanity!




Wouldn’t fancy cycling that up some of the hills near Calpe. You might do yourself a serious mischief if you landed on the crossbar (via the knife).

Still, it might liven up the Vuelta a España if you were armed with an ‘overtaking sword’.


Idea for mobile charcuterie, @TMC ?


Mmmmmmm, Spanish ham…