More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)


Jam on, jam on


Jamon, Jamon,
I hope you like Jamon too…
(Yes, I have had a beer or two.)


Tank fly boss walk jam nitty-gritty, you’re listening to the boy from the big bad city

This is jam hot

This is jam hot


Just be good to meat…


It strikes me that you lot are clever witty people.

I need to write a card to my friend’s Dad who turns 100 on Sunday. Help me out please. I’d like to say something mildly amusing but nothing that could be construed as even remotely offensive. Any ideas?




You’re kidding right? Is this an even subtler troll than @chelseadave’s effort today?


Hopefully Phil the Greek won’t be driving over to deliver the Telegram from Liz. Imagine the carnage…


well done you made it!


No. I’m a bit stumped with it.

Thanks. That’s a lot better than anything I’ve come up with.


Was an astronaut, then appeared in TNG.


I sent a link to this video to my brother. Inspired by the ukes he sent me this one in return (although, as he pointed out, Simon Jeffes is actually playing a Venezuelan cuatro). It’s worth it for the gestures and facial expressions of Geoffrey Richardson alone




Just seen this link.

Martin Lewis distinct voice has been influential in making people aware of the cons and options in many financial decisions. Hope everything works out well for him.


now he wants to bake cakes


It sort of makes sense, there are quite a few PV outlets in Debenhams stores, which he owns a big chunk of.

He’s obviously a massive cunt if you’re unfortunate enough to work in one of his warehouses or discount sheds, but he does seem to want to keep the traditional High St department store model alive, ref House of Fraser/Debenhams.


I think he’s done a magnificent job at Newcastle. If/when he sells the club, may they get a buyer who will seek to continue his incredibly effective erosion of their stature.



:+1: Indeed, we are the same you and I.




You are toffee to my mackem, the twain shall never mix, apart from the Bradley story :cry:



Tru Dat. :sunglasses:


The first time I heard that track and it got to the ‘humming’ bit, I thought it was the radio presenter doing it.