More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)


All Ibis hotels are shit, I stayed in one last year in Hamburg, the wifi only covered half the bloody hotel, guess which half I was in. :rage:


That’s Lutonist that is. There was no need to mention Luton in that sentence, other than being Lutonist.


Can she be a Tig with a Tag ?


You could have bunked in @MJ2 s place, it’s only 5 mins away, and, as a bonus, raided his Beerwulf stash.


As long as you don’t mind slumming it with the natives.


Agree the Ibis’s I tried have been shite.

I’m pretty surprised Mark has been caught here. I had him down as a premier guy.


Is that a forfeit for coming bottom in the sales figures or something?


First to benefit from the new ‘don’t jail anyone for less than a 6 month sentence’ proposal?


Paging @Jim



Is that the one at the airport ? Once, very, very early one cold wet winter’s morning, I nearly set the fire alarms off there in a forgetting-the-self-service-toast-I’d-left-in-the-most-primitive-toaster-I’ve-ever-come-across incident. That would have made me popular.



This is amazing really

All the lawyers I know are in commercial practices and make a fortune. These are not so lucky - who would become a criminal barrister?


The coffee is shit in McDonalds. They’d be better off staying at Starbucks or Costa.


Good job its not these lawyers we’d be relying on to help us out if plod ever took an interest…

(I’ll admit, the micro violin was my first reaction til i read it)


It is those lawyers you’d be relying on, together with their Solicitor colleagues who get similar rates.

I’m out of touch with this side of things, having stopped doing legal aid work in 2008 (as a result of the fees being so low!). I’m sure all that is said in this article is true, but it is a worst case scenario. Counsel would normally be dealing with maybe 3,4 or 5 or more short hearings on a single day in one Court. So, would earn multiple fees.

Sentencings and short preliminary hearings are normally dealt with on a Friday, trials on other days. Counsel might have a big trial listed for the start of the week, where fees would be better, then shorter hearings on the Friday. Of course if Counsel can “crack” his trial (gulity plea, lesser charge etc etc) he or she gets a portion of his trial fee and can then take another trial the following day as he is now free.

I was considering going to the Bar myself in 2008, but decided I’d be dealing with the same clients and could see that I’d still be doing legal aid work. I changed discipline and now deal with private fee paying work. I see former colleagues and they say “you did such a wise thing getting out”, whilst looking green with envy.




I’ll bet when they looked into it carpeting the corridors was cheaper.



They should join a union and get someone to argue their case.


Have you noticed that whenever there is an entity from another dimension who walks through walls with a swoosh noise they still have to use the spaceship floor to walk on.


That’s exactly what the Bar Counsel are doing.


I was thinking more of Unison. I think they represent public sector workers.
They have a high success rate in making sure workers get the minimum wage.