More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)


Hope nobody here has shares in Boeing…

saw a video of the Kenya crash this eve, it just fell out of the sky… that aircraft isn’t right…


Went into work yesterday for a coffee with a few members of my team. Turns out that the non-London team were all made redundant a year ago, and the London team is going in a month.

They had to take legal advice as to whether they could/should make me redundant as well, and the decision was no, they could/should not.

Which means that if/when I return it’s possible that I will fairly quickly be made redundant unless I can find a role elsewhere in the firm. Which I probably can, but I’m not sure I’d want to.


Where / who do you work for Adam? (PM if you like).


Shit, did that all come as a surprise? Sounds like time to cast your net a bit wider?


Soldier F to face charges.


I had no idea, I’ve not spoken to anyone at work since 2017. I’ll be off for a few years yet, so I don’t need to do anything about it.

@clap I work for one of the big accounting firms. They are very quick to cut underperforming teams, and government infrastructure procurement has been in the doldrums since the Tories got in.

Ultimately my own research indicates that they can’t get rid of me while I’m on an insurance-backed long term sick leave. Anyway I cost them nothing but a bit of admin, so it’s not worth paying me off.


Good to hear. You can remain unfettered, unshaven, sat in your y-fronts, bashing out codswallop whilst you troll to your heart’s content :grinning:


corrected for accuracy :+1:


Apart from when you are on holiday, do you still need to put in a form?


You should never, ever, use the term ‘bashing out’ in the context of an AA member… please


Obvs clickbait is obvs :wink:


Alas I’m no longer paid extra for holidays




Official AA drink right here


The thought of what’s in that monstrosity horrifies me



Internet comedian Jeff Wysaski prank.


Some other products he has planted in stores . . .



Oh man, bacon soda has to be invented…


I’ve just noticed on the McDonalds flat white advert, the woman says

“2/3rds coffee, 1/3rd milk, 1/3rd foam”.