More shit that doesn't merit its own thread (septic tank overflow alert)



The Las Vegas Coalition of Reason

I’ve been to Las Vegas. I don’t think that can be a thing.




Advertising agency humour wins again :unamused:


Separated at birth? We should be told.


I have somehow found all the bits I need to change the battery on my phone apart from the heat gun, which is by far the biggest.

Probably for the best, as there’s a 97% chance I’ll break the screen.



Lol, pop over, you can use mine. And as a bonus I’ll video you destroying the phone so we can all mock. :rofl:






I’ll have the skinny side smelling of Evo-stick and the flared side smelling of patchouli :+1:


wear them with asymmetric pants


Think you need to up your game young man

If I where you,I’d seriously think about a pair of farrah type slacks paired up with a donkey jacket,finished off with one brogue and on the other foot a lime green croc. Maybe a bowler hat to give the outfit some balance


How about asymmetric budgie smugglers :flushed:


I think you need a pair of these for under the Daisy Dukes


I notice both are dressed to the left - i wonder if they do r/h versions Ritch


Maybe you just turn them inside out?

You’d need some balls to wear them that’s for sure!


The bare perineum look is not for me but it’s a small step from Daisy Duke shorts.


I can’t imagine that such trunks will prove popular with the gentlefolk of Glasgow.