The usual format is:

Folder: (Artist)
Folder: (Album)
[Track num] - [Track Name]


Everything is customisable but it would help to know what your workflow is with mp3tag to actually help you.

When I used mp3tag, my albums were already folder sorted so that top level was and artists and their albums were in subfolders.


The order you see, is the way they are filed.


I think you are confusing tags with filenames and folders.


I do not know what I am talking about, that is for sure.
I want the music in my music folder to be shown by artist, not album name.
The picture above shows the first blank to be title, which equates to album name, which is how they all appear in my music library.


No, that’s the track title.


Ignore mp3tag for a moment.

What does your Windows folder structure look like in the place where your music is stored.

Mine is
—>[Artist Name]
--------->[Album Title]
-------------->01-Track Name
-------------->02-Track Name


If I have this right, in the music folder, the first folder is the artist, inside that folder is another folder with the albums, by that artist, inside the album folder, are the individual songs.
All of the artist folders, and the album folders, are alphabetical by the first word.





Remember that mp3tag is not a library manager - you won’t be using that to look directly at your music on a day to day basis.


I understand that, but I think the problem is not with Mp3tag, as the only albums in my library that I have used it on, are filed like all the others.
The music library in my streamer, is showing my music by album, and the first letter of the album name, so my problem is in the format they are using for displaying the music.


LOL, yes that’s the crux of it. What is the streamer, and what software do they use to manage it and display the library?

Typically, there is a “Browse by Artist” view.


It is an Innuos Zenith, and they used to use Vortexbox, but they now use their own in house developed software.
I don’t see a " browse by atrist" view.
I have emailed them, to see if I am doing something wrong, or there is a way to do what I want.

Sorry for being so thick, but this is all just about making sense to me. I am on the edge of my ability here.


Well, it’s there look at the screenshots under "Library Management"



The manual also seems to suggest you can use iPeng to view library/control it.


Of course it is!! I have been automatically hitting the Album choice, because it shows all the album covers.
If I browse by artist, it does show all the artist, and then their albums, when you open it up. SORRY.
I have been so used to browsing Album, to correct problems, I just overlooked that choice.

As the filing is by the first letter of the artist name, does anyone alter that, so artist are filed by surname?


Depends how sophisticated your library manager is. Roon, for example, gives you the option. I’ve never used InnuOS’s own app.


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