I have to stay in Gregg’s good books, because brownies.


FWIW I use MediaMonkey, both for tagging and organisation.

I have a single “Auto Organise” rule, so that whenever I add anything, from anywhere, it copies it onto my NAS as e.g.

music/Skinny Puppy/Too Dark Park/01 01 Convulsion.flac

I like to keep it organised by disc number then track number because if I end up copying it onto some retarded device where I end up browsing the files instead of by tags (hello Fiio), it will play in order.


Don’t mock the afflicted.


I’m not, I’m genuinely impressed by Mark’s patience. It’s really hard to help non computer people with computer issues, especially remotely where you can’t point at stuff.


Actual footage from earlier:
apple QC