Mumsnet thread - bathrooms

I have a small (6’ x 7’) bathroom that has a loo, shower and sink. We want to totally revamp it, getting a larger shower (which uses the combo boiler), together with all new equipment, and getting the walls, floors etc done as well.

First quote has come in at £11k, which is £4k for equipment and £7k for installation.

How much am I being ripped off?

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We are going through the design and quote process at the moment for our bathroom (2m x 4m).

7k for installation sounds at least £3k too high and I’m having more work done than you.


We paid approx. £6.5 - £7k last year all, inc skimed walls and new ceiling.
Got a local chap to fit everything supplied by an independent bathroom place.

Highest quote we had was £12k.




we just had a new toilet (need quite a lot of work to the soil stack), basin (needed some plumbing), new bath taps and new flooring in bathroom and on landing. I supplied the toilet, basin, taps so was effectively paying for the fitting/labour, sundries, disposal charge and vat.

The cost was £1.8k which was 2.5 days work for the plumber and his mate, and 1 day work for the floorer. I am doing all the making good and woodwork, shelves, cabinets etc

If you want his contact details let me know - he is based in Stevenage, came recommended from Louise’s boss. I thought I ran a thread on here, or maybe on PFM when I was getting a quote.


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He’s being quoted St Albans prices.

Ha, lazy ripoff bastards in St. Albans.

Who was it who fitted / bodged the wrong waste outlet?

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this was a catalogue of errors - I bought the wrong one, as the waste pack didn’t specify, the apprentice fitted without checking it, and couldn’t solve the problem! It was all made good by the boss in the end though.

As someone who spent a lot of time teaching students, I am content the apprentice made a mistake, he apologised and the team fixed it - all part of the learning process. I was frustrated and angry at the time, but in reality I needn’t have been.

Not much of an advert for them if the tradesman didn’t check and approve the work done by the apprentice


actually he did check all but one thing - checking the overflow worked. He came back to check the work of the floorer he hired.

I genuinely think I was unlucky with events - but they have fitted from scratch two bathrooms for Louise’s boss and he has had nothing to complain about.

Lol, that being the one thing that was wrong :grin:

shit happens! it was ok in the end - and I had no argument from the fitters about it.

He answered the phone and replied to messages. tidied up after himself.

I was being quotef Oxford prices, arguably the same at st Albans

Need to shop around.

Ring a bloke from a shittier town down the road.

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We did, a town 10 miles west.
Hence lower price.

This is the thing - there are always snags, but does the tradesman accept and deal with it, or just fuck off?

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There is a point to Stevenage after all!

Be daring. Try Luton.

indeed and he sorted it all out. He could have taken my money and never answered the phone from me again.

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