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Jeez, I’ll do it for £3k


I’ll do it for £2.7K.

Can’t be that hard,plus i’l give you a 40 minute guarantee


Last October I paid £3.5K for labour and sundries to have a bathroom and toilet fully refitted with tiled walls and floor. I provided the bath, sink, taps, loo, and tiles. That is in South London so your labour quote is too high, probably by 100%.


We had 2 bathrooms done 2 1/2 years ago. One is an ensuite 3m x 3m, the other bathroom is a little bigger. I think total cost for the two was in the region of £12k. It could have been a bit more l. Luckily I have a brilliant Slovakian chap who does all this sort of stuff for me.

Ideally use someone who’s recommended and try and see their work for yourself. The Slovakian came highly recommended and finding him was a godsend.

He put me in touch with a plumbing merchant and because he used them exclusively they gave me 25-30% off all the tiles, bathroom furniture & fittings. I had loads of brochures with the manufacturers rrp price list and selected everything.

Of the kit we bought the best was manufactured by Kudos. All made in the UK. You can see and feel the quality. No cheap thin plastic and the chrome doesn’t give the impression it will discolour / rust. It looks as good now as when first fitted. I bought a full length walk in shower tray, a large glass shower screen and a folding shower screen of theirs. All top notch. When I do another bathroom I’ll use Kudos as much as possible. It was even packed / wrapped brilliantly meaning you knew it was going to be perfect when unwrapped.

We have a Roper Rhodes shower upstairs which is decent but not quite of the same quality as Kudos .

The other fittings were from Tavistock. Some of the Tavistock stuff is average quality. A very plasticky shower head and pipe springs to mind. The toilets and a sink unit and basin were good though.

If you want to do it cheaper I was amazed by just how cheap some of the stuff in Victorian plumbing was when we went there (it was a few years ago mind ).


Get more quotes, throw out the highest quote and any ultra-cheap then look for references on the remaining.


A high quote often means that they don’t want/need the work, often because they are very busy.
So if they are going to go to the hassle of fitting you in then it has to be very much worth their while.


It’s a basin in a bathroom you fucking trumpets.


Because everyone knows that you can’t wash your feet in a buffallo


Never pay the full amount up front. always negotiate a percentage to be retained until you’re happy with the work on completion. The greater the percentage you can keep back, the less likely it will be that there will be snags or incomplete work.


Ours refused a penny until we were satisfied.


I am about to install a fourth bathroom in our house, it is going in one of the attic rooms as I am replastering all of the other rooms to add another 5 bedrooms. I have budgeted £800 for saniflo integrated loo (these are expensive circa £400), cubicle glass shower and wash basin, chrome heated towel rail. The chap that is fitting it together with me for all plumbling and tiling will be about £750. Reckon the whole thing to come under £1700.

(Yes, it is a big house, no I am not rich)


Only make up front payments to cover the cost of materials the bathroom fitter is providing. As I was providing most of the materials and the fitter only provided a few bits of plumbing hardware I paid nothing upfront and got an invoice at the end of the job. Needless to say they did a good job and got paid the day they presented the invoice.


Where are you based? When I asked on another site there were significant differences in fitting costs based on geography


Ok I’m looking at showers.

I have a combi boiler. It’s the far side of the house from the bathroom under question. It takes ages for hot water to come through.

Would I be better off with an electric shower? Are the top end electric showers any good? I’m planning to get a water softener soon.

My thinking is that much of life is about removing the irritants. I’m replacing a shower that is too small and gets gunked up, but I could end up with one that takes five minutes to warm up. That would be bad.

Any thoughts?


High end electric. showers are good, but you will need a heavy duty power feed that will probably need to be fed from the consumer unit.


There is a 10.5kW shower there already, can you get higher than that?


Not that I know of.


Would it really take 5 mins to warm up? Or is that a bit of an exaggeration? Can’t you just switch it and warm it up whilst having a shave etc etc?


Having an elec show with a combi makes sense. When the boiler screws up you’ll still be able to have a warm shower.

We’re keeping our 2nd shower electric for that reason.


You will be swapping one irritation for another.

An electric shower will never give the same performance as one from your boiler (assuming you have a relatively decent boiler and valve).

An electric will heat up quickly but with relatively poor flow, your combi will take slightly longer to heat but will perform better, generally speaking.

I would advise against electric unless you have no other option.