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Norfolk/Suffolk border


If anyone wants any bathroom shite give me a shout as my brother is a sales director for Roper Rhodes so may be able to get if for you at cost.

He’s sorted out some mates a few years ago with trade prices but you have to collect it from their warehouse and fit it yourself (they are a manufacturer so don’t deliver or fit)


It takes a long time for hot water to come through. Probably over a minute when filling the bath (I’ll check next time!), and that’s with the tap on full.

I suspect that the routing of pipes is not very direct. I’ll get this looked at.


That’s your problem - the water will come though hotter more quickly with a combi if you start with a low flow :+1:


So much this.

When we did our bathroom, about 3 years ago, we were assured that the route to go was high end electric as they are very good.

What total bollox; they’re shit ! Bordering on unusable, if you enjoy a long, luxurious shower. Don’t do it.


You still have a long way to go to beat my ratio.

I have 3x bathrooms in a 2 bedroom house, it is a new 2 up 2 down and for some reason they put a toilet downstairs and made it a disabled one so has a wider door and wastes about 40 sq feet of space, upstairs I have a communal bathroom with bath and power shower with an en suite in the master with electric shower.

Complete and utter overkill.


Building regs.


Neither of us does the whole 15 minute shower thing, but that’s in part due to the current tiny cubicle being quite claustrophobic. We need to decide whether the instant hit of electric is worth the reduced overall performance. Given our desire to be fairly green, it might be…


Elec showers are ok in the spring and summer when the water coming into the house is warmer. In the winter with very cold water they are craper, the flow is significantly reduced to get the water hot enough.


Nor do we Adam but they really are just about fit for purpose; more a dribble than even a pleasant stream.


The electric one there is mostly ok, and that’s a very cheap one. They get so gunked up with scale though.


We have a 10kW electric shower and it is bang average.

Not recommended if it’s going to be your main shower.


Having just timed the bath to hot, I’m going for the combi heated option. Gives the best outcome, I reckon.


Also considering putting a 5th bathroom in the wine cellar and a sixth in the rear garden.


Never, under any delusional moments, put a shower in the front garden. Consider H&S of road users.


Or as it is more commonly known… a latrine.


Keep the rear garden free from development for obvious reasons.


Or as my neighbours call it…

“he’s fucking drunk again”


I find that more difficult to do :disappointed:


He says he can’t do it for that price, he would be higher on both parts and labour :unamused: