Mumsnet thread - dishwashers

The cunting dishwasher has packed up. It’s a decent Bosch, and I had it repaired at high cost about 18m ago. It’s not heating up, and that’s the expensive bit. It’s fucked.

So my choices are:

1 - get a £600 premium one like a Miele or Siemens, which should last 5-10 years but they’ll only guarantee it for two. Parts are likely to be expensive.

2 - get a Beko for under £200, expect it to die in 3 years. Rinse and repeat.

3 - call in Bosch service, which will cost £95 and they might offer a decent one at a good price, but they might just offer to repait this one for another £250 on top of the £95.

I’m leaning towards 2. What do you guys think? Better ideas welcome.

Wash the dishes in the sink, you lazy fucker



4 - Make the kids wash up.


Bosch=Siemens=Neff. Same company, same product, different coloured LEDs.

I just did. It was awful.


Miele, siemens etc often have 5 year warranty offers.

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You poor dear :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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We have one of the burny-explody Bosch washers, must be 15-16 years old by now. Must be an anomaly.

I’ve got a Miele in the garage I meant to sell when we moved and inherited a built in…

Old but bomb proof

Depends how old it is. Our Bosch washing machine is 25 years old, used at every opportunity by Janbald and has broke about 3 times, never more that a £100 bill .

Our local, independent, master of all things in white says it’s built like a commercial machine so we should keep it running. Last fix 5 years ago when the plastic on the control nob bust. He found a used one.

So perhaps find an independent fixer if it’s old enough to have the build quality.

Heating wise, ours is a long way from the cylinder so we would only get cold water anyway. We only feed in cold and heat to 30 / 40 degrees.

Do you have hard water Adam? We have a 2nd hand Bosch and have installed a water softener. The dishwasher has been running trouble free for a couple of years now and it gets serious use. It could just break down of course but it looks good at the moment. The previous 2 died because of our hard water.


Yeah the water is really hard - it’s extracted from a chalk river!

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The last time it broke the repair guy said that the part that broke was the pump/heater - for some reason Bosch designed it with a single part. It was very expensive - £200 or so - and I suspect that it’s this that has broke again. It’s a poor design.

^^ This.

A water softener is a fine thing…

^^ That.

Real 1st world problems!
I have never had a dishwasher

Try these


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Same here - we have a washing machine which is essential and had a dishwasher but it kept leaking. So we done away with it and installed a cupboard and a wine rack instead.

We still have a functioning dish washer - me!