Mumsnet washing machine recommendations

Our Bosch WFF 1401 washing machine has finally come to the end of its useful life. For over 30 years it has worked without complaint apart from a new belt a couple of years ago (which is more than I can say for other belt dependant devices in the house and front drive).

Now the main bearings have sadly met their maker and we have been advised that the kindest way is euthanasia, though any useful organs will be rescued to extend the life of others as a charitable donation.

RIP, sadly missed.


your trousers?

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Replacement recommendation, or piss take for a decision 30 years ago :thinking:


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Our hotpoint has had: 2x heater elements (in a very soft water area…), 1x motherboard, 1x motor, 1x drum + main bearings, 2x belts, plus something else I can’t remember.

All covered by a ridiculous insurance thing Claire took out. The bloody thing is like Triggers broom.

I asked the last technician what it would take to declare it dead/BER and he said as long as they could get the parts, it would be repaired, even if it meant essentially rebuilding the whole thing with replacement parts.

Thinking of Siemens or Meile.

But as this is the Obituaries thread I think it would be distasteful to start thinking of replacements at such an early stage in the bereavement.


And before I Thread-merge like a @Jim :smirk:

We’re 3 years in with our Miele and it’s been faultless so far… :pray:


Miele if you are a boolshit artist.

if the last bosch lasted 30 years , why not get another ?

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30 years ago they were made in Germany, now they’re made in China…


Bought a Miele 6 years ago. 10 year warranty, but no problems at all to date.

Get a ruddy Siemens man. They make traffic lights too.

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If I had to buy more traffic lights I’d get Siemens …so why not dishwashers ‘n’ shit?

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How often do you use a machine?
What do you really need?
I do one wash a week plus one a fortnight.
I bought a cheap machine for less than £300 about 8 years ago.
It has been perfect.

It’s a fecking washing machine, buy any old crap and it’s just pot fucking luck if you get a bad’un. They all do the same job.

OTOH, if you have deep pockets buy a Miele

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We’ve got a Siemens (exactly the same as Bosch) built-in. It’s trash.

Has a very stupid design flaw whereby the motor impeller next to the coin trap gets clogged up with long hair every couple of weeks. We have become minor-league experts at having the base off it and fishing around with torch and a pair of tweezers to remove the next hair ball.

If there’s anyone with long hair in your family I would avoid these like the plague.

If you want European I’d suggest the aforementioned Miele. LG also make really good machines.

It speaks volumes that I’m barely even surprised that you own some traffic lights . . .