Mumsnet washing machine recommendations


Got an LG washer dryer and the hot air outlet from the drum gets clogged with fluff every 6 months. Again, we now have a specially bent bit of wire for removing it.


Damnit. Mind you washer/dryers are Satan’s white goods.


don’t forget that you’ll need an internet connection for the latest SMART washing machines to provide there full gamut of app controlled washing services


Buy the cheapest you can and hope its a good un. Then if it only last a year or two then buy another cheap one. Overall you’ll either break even if its a duff un or be up a few quid if its a bad un.
We bought a grade B damaged hotpoint from one of these places that sell damaged new stock. It has a dent in the side. £250 and in 2 years its never missed a beat.


With white goods I try to buy the second cheapest. If you take up insurance options available (I don’t) you can have the piece of mind that you know the cost going forward. It would be interesting to see some reliability figures of different brands but suspect the books are cooked.


We bought an AEG washer/dryer which came with an extended 5 year warranty (that was one of the main reasons it was chosen)

If expired two weeks from the end of the warranty and wasn’t able to be repaired, so was replaced with a new (equivalent) one under the warranty. Result!


This thread is so Rock’n’Roll :metal::metal:


Slap some new bearings in it and carry on. A policy that has worked flawlessly for our 20 year old Zanussi.

Many new machines are junk where the drum has been plastic welded together so even a bearing change is not possible. If buying one, regard them as disposable and buy a cheap one that isn’t going to disappoint too much when you have to bin it after 5 years.


Luckily next door has a largish dog flap,so when they are out my son climbs through and we pass him our washing. Not sure what make the machine is though



with integrated mangle


This thread is delivering Death by anecdote. :slight_smile:


I bought a £330 AEG when my Miele buggered up and was worn out after 5 kids and 19 years. Very happy with it and if it breaks chuck it and get a new one.


Depends on what you deem important. Having destroyed 2 hot points an Indiset and a Hoover (which caught fire :fire:) Washing shit filled non disposable nappies. We bought a Miele commercial washer, had it 11 years and it is still like new. More importantly it really does wash properly.



yep we (Louise) destroyed a cheap Hotpoint, and an Indesit in 2 years each, then a Bosch in 5 years…we went for a Miele washer/dryer and so far in 7 years it has been super reliable - excellent.


V-Zug is what you want

They do cheaper models too*

*Not that much cheaper


For £3.6k inc vat, id expect it to do the ironing for me.


It must have valves !


You want a Class A washing machine - they use as much power on standby as most machines do on the spin cycle.


i always buy aeg washing machines , excellent build quality . i don`t want to be called out to get them repaired so i stick to that brand mostly . the bosch have been good too