Mumsnet washing machine recommendations


Meh, all this meckanicalization is making you all soft



A washboard?


A river and a few rocks is all you need


How many have you had to buy? Can’t be that reliable


I was with a mate when he was making a purchase in one of the retail sheds,
it was almost finalised when the assistant said
’Would you like to buy the additional warranty’
‘Do you think I need it’
‘It is always advisable sir’
‘Do you advise additional warranty on all your machines?’
‘Yes sir’
Thanks for your time i will go somewhere that sells reliable fit for purpose machines’

And we left


I think they advise warranty because they get commission on it, not because they have a good grip on what is the most reliable brand.




If they had any sense (big if) they’d try hardest to sell warranties on reliable stuff and not push it on the items which are likely to break.



We’ve got an LG Direct Drive. Washes clothes and everything.


Yeah, but cogging.


Sounds clean though.


ah knew someone would ask that . i provide them in rented properties and our last personal one lasted 11 years


brilliant , thats a great story .


Must have bought the only bloody lemon Miele which lasted 2 months past it’s 5 year warranty and was beyond repair.

Current Bosch has lasted 7 years and is super quiet but will surely explode at any moment.

Just buy anything, it’s a fucking lottery.


It would wash them cleanerer if it had a counter rotating drum :+1:



I’ve had a Dyson.
Incredible suspension. And build. I had to let it go when it wasn’t supported anymore and I had a fill Issue. It’s in the garage

Got a Miele now and the motor is on a different level to most.


Oh, I don’t know…


This, TBH. At some point in the last few decades, white goods manufacturers figured-out that it was cheaper to pay a call centre to fob-off annoyed customers than it was to spend a fortune QA’ing machines made thousands of miles away by even more unaccountable people than themselves.

Ask enough people and everyone will have bought an absolute lemon made by every company you’ve ever heard of, and equally, the next man along will have had a lifetime’s faultless service from the exact same brand.

QA is left to the customer - and even when those machines kill, other lazy numpties buy them, cos they so cheap…

6000 tumble dryers from one parent company caught fire between 2004 and 2015, 300 people were injured and 3 died. Exact same machines are still for sale.

Stay lucky, mofos.



We’ve had an LG direct drive machine for 10 years with no problems at all. And being direct drive there’s no belt to break, and it’s quiet. This is the equivalent model - and it’s half teh price of a Miele!